Friday, September 01, 2006

Class of 2007: Wide Receivers (Top 268)

The thumbnails were mostly written last spring. Not as strong of a group as the Class of 2008 wide receivers.

1 Arrelious 'Regis' Benn WR/DB 6'1 208 4.45 Washington Dunbar D.C. Arrelious is a strong and physical receiver with deceptive speed and fine cutting ability. He has great size and hands. He reminds some of Michael Irvin. As a junior he caught 50 passes for 1,147 yards and 17 touchdowns as Dunbar won its third straight Turkey Bowl. Has excellent size and speed, and is tough to bring down. Benn is also a dangerous punt and kick returner - seven combined punt and kickoff returns for TDs as a sophomore. This from the Washington Post: "Vernon Davis was Dunbar's biggest recruit and best athlete until Benn. Benn is as good an athlete as Davis and has better football IQ. He started as a freshman and as a sophomore he was the team's best player. Ultimately, coach Jefferies says he's the best player he's had at Dunbar. 'He's a man playing with boys and he makes it look so easy doing it,' Jefferies said." Definitely one of the top overall prospects in the nation. Top 15 MD/DC/NVA (Winter 2006); 1-Washington Post-Metro; Top 40 Area (Washington Post-August 2005) OFFERS: 50+ March Os: ILL, UVA,MD,MICHST, TEN,FLA,FSU, ND,USC,CLEM, ORE,UCLA,LSU

2 Deonte Thompson WR 6'0 183 4.28 Belle Glade Glades Central Florida Deonte is one of the nations premier sprinters (10.35 100-meters) and with his sub-4.3 speed is always a threat to go the distance as a WR. He will be a four-year starter for one of the most talent-laden programs in the nation. As a junior he caught 35 passes for 764 yards and 12 touchdowns. He had 12 kick returns for 515 yards and 2 TDs. He returned a kickoff 95 yards for TD in the state semifinal. He's has a great work ethic. His coach says that he's as good as former Glades Central star Santonio Holmes was coming out of high school. 2.8 GPA. The most explosive WR in the nation. 2-FLA-JRs (Winter 2006); 1-FSWA-3A-AS; 1-Fort Lauderdale SS-Palm Beach-Small; 1-Palm Beach Post-Large Schools-Area; 1-Palm Beach County JRs (November 2005) ; 3-FLA-JRs (Fall 2005)); 3Top 12 Juniors (Summer 2005) OFFERS: 30 April Os: FLA,MIA,WVU,AUB,FSU,ARK,GA,SCAR,AL,USC,ND,OHST

3 Terrence Toliver WR/DB 6'4 184 4.45 Hempstead Texas Toliver is the top WR prospect in Texas and one of the nation's best. He's tall, lean and very physical with good speed and a nice pair of hands. He has the explosiveness to score on any play. He possesses great body control and a solid work ethic. He's also a hard-hitting safety, but he will be a WR in college. As a junior, he had 552 yards receiving and scored 6 TDs and also returned two kicks for TDs. Also stars in basketball and one of the better long jumpers in the nation. He has looked truly exceptional during the 2006 combine season. A nephew of former LSU star Harvey Williams. 5-JRS-TEX (Winter 2006); Texas Top 16 (Winter 2006); 4-JRS-TEX (December 2005); Top 120 JuniorsTexas (Summer 2005) OFFERS: A&M,OK,TT,BAY,LSU,KANST,NEB,AZST, KAN,COL, NW, CLEM,USC

4 Alphonso Bryant WR/QB 6'0 186 4.51 Homestead Florida Bryant has a rare combination of size, strength (21 bench reps), quickness (4.28 shuttle), leaping ability (33-inch vertical) and speed (4.46). His team didn't throw the ball much, so he only had 14 receptions for 182 yards as a junior. Some have compared him to Andre Johnson. He has been truly outstanding on the combine circuit the past couple of years. 10-FLA-JRs (Winter 2006); HM-Miami Herald-Dade-6A-4A; 7-FLA-JRs (Fall 2005)) OFFERS: FSU,MIA,PITT,SCAR,FLA,AUB,GA

5 Kenneth "Junior" Hemingway WR 6'2 205 4.54 Conway South Carolina Michigan "Junior" is a smooth and athletic wide receiver and also one of the top 3 prospects in in South Carolina. As a sophomore Hemingway started at QB for Conway. Last summer he wowed onlookers at the Michigan camp playing wide receiver and word started leaking that he was a special prospect. He followed up with an outstanding junior season. catching 52 passes for 846 yards and 10 touchdowns in his first year at WR. Junoor is a very physical receiver with great hands, speed and an impressive 37-inch vertical leap. One coah had this to say: "Hemingway is a big and strong receiver who can go up and catch the ball. He has great ball skills and has the body and strength to handle the bump-and-run in college. He's not a burner, but he has good speed and everything else you would want in a top receiver." He committed to Michigan in August. 2-WR-SCAR (Spring 2006); Top 12-SCAR-JRs (Winter 2006); Top 20 SC JRS (Winter 2006); Top 15 4A Players to Watch in 06 (DEC 05); South Carolina Top 22 Juniors (Summer 2005) OFFERS: 22 May Os: MICH,SCAR,CLEM,MD,NCAR, DUKE,VT,FSU,OHST,BC,NEB,ND,MIA,COL

6 Chris Lewis WR/TE 6'4 230 4.50 Jonesboro Hodge Louisiana Lewis has the skills and athletic ability to be the top WR in the nation. He is a superior WR prospect to his teammate Gabriel Bryant, a talented player who has committed to LSU. The problem is that he will have a hard time qualifying and really needs to work on his academics. He will probably go the JUCO/prep school route but if he were to qualify he could go anywhere. Possessing the size of a TE and solid 4.5 speed, he has great hands and runs good routes. He also plays basketball. 18-LA (Dandy Don-January 2005); 25-LA (September 2005)

7 Duval Kamara WR/DB 6'4 210 4.50 Hoboken New Jersey Notre Dame Kamara has emerged as one of the top 4 prospects in New Jersey and one of the nation's top receivers. As a junior, Kamara led his team to the state title, registering 42 catches for 936 yards and 12 TDs while recording 6 INTs on defense. He's tall, has soft hands and can really go up and get the ball. He also has fine speed for a big receiver. He committed to Notre Dame in May. Top 15 JRs-North Jersey (Winter 2006); 3-NJ-JRs (Winter 2006); 3-NJHS-PS-AS; PS Top 121 NJ JRs OFFERS: MIA,PSU,UCONN,MD,RUT, UVA,TEN,BC,FLA,IA,ND,USC

8 Greg Little WR/RB 6'4 211 4.40 Durham Hillside North Carolina Little is one of the top 3 prospects in North Carolina and an outstanding WR prospect who is also receiving looks as a RB and as an "athlete". As a junior he carried the ball 160 times for 1,166 yards and 26 TDs, caught 23 passes for 475 yards and had four interceptions on defense. As a sophomore he started at TB and DE for Hillside where he gained 700 yards rushing, 400 yards receiving and registered four sacks on defense. Little is a three-sport star and some schools have indicated that they are open to him playing basketball and running track as well in college. Little has outstanding athleticism and has great height, leaping ability (42-inch vertical leap) and strength (can bench press 325 pounds). He needs to catch the ball better in order to project as a WR. He has really shined in combines the past couple of years and has been on the radar of many programs for some time. Among the top receivers in the nation. 3-NC (Winter 2006); Top 50-NC-JRs (Winter 2006); Top 5 Underclassmen Charlotte Observer, August 14, 2005) OFFERS: 20+ April Os: NCAR,WAKE,MS,NCST,DUKE,CLEM,UVA,TEN,FLA, NEB,SCAR, MICH,MIA,MICHST,AZST,ND,GA,OK,PSU,USC,LSU,UCLA,MD

9 Dwight Jones WR 6'3 201 4.61 Burlington Cummings North Carolina North Carolina Jones is not a blazer, but a tall, rangy and very athletic receiver who can get up and make the tough catches. As a junior he had 49 catches for 952 yards and 8 TDs. He also starred at safety on defense. As a sophomore DE he had 57 tackles, 7 INTs, 6 sacks, and 3 forced fumbles. Also stars in basketball. Reminds some of Mike Williams. He committed to North Carolina in February. 8-NC (Winter 2006); Top 50-NC-JRs (Winter 2006) OFFERS: NCAR,NCST,UVA,VT,WAKE

10 Ahmad Paige WR 6'3 180 4.37 Sterlington Louisiana Ahmad really exploded onto the scene with an outstanding junior season and has attracted interest from some of the top programs in the nation. His strong points are his height and sub-4.4 speed. He's a definite long ball threat. He also has good hands. He needs to add weight, but is progressing on that front as well. As a junior he had 44 receptions for 1202 yards and 14 TDs He also plays basketball. Originally from Arkansas. 7-LA (Winter 2006); 46-LA (Dandy Don-January 2005); 1-LSWA-2A-AS OFFERS: ARK,TEX,GT,LSU,FSU,GA,NEB,OK,MS

11 Malcolm Williams WR/DB 6'3 200 4.43 Garland Texas Texas Williams is a nice-sized receiver with excellent speed (runs sprints and qualified for regionals in the relays) who, playing in a running offense, caught 17 pases for 268 yards and 4 TDs his junior season despite missing a good part of the season with an injury. He first emerged as a top recruit during the 2005 combine season. He committed to Texas in March. 11-JRS-TEX (Winter 2006); Texas Top 16 (Winter 2006); 9-JRS-TEX (December 2005); Top 120 JuniorsTexas (DB; Summer 2005) OFFERS: A&M,TEX

12 Toney Clemons WR 6'3 185 4.53 New Kensington Valley Pennsylvania Toney is the top wide receiver in the northeast and among the best in the nation. His tape was slow making the rounds so major offers were late in coming, but he really wowed people at a winter combine in Pennsylvania, displaying all of the skills to become a premier college WR. Tony is a multi-sport athlete. As a sophomore he finished first in the WPIAL Class AA long jump and third in the 110-meter high hurdles. He also plays basketball. He has excellent size, speed (10.9 100-meters), great leaping ability (40-inch vertical), hands, toughness, and runs excellent routes. In fact, he probably has the most complete package of any receiver in the nation and has the potential to emerge as the top WR in the nation. As a junior he had 39 catches for 666 yards and eight touchdowns. 4-PA (Keystone Recruiting May 22, 2006); 2-PA (Keystone Recruiting, April 13, 2006); Top 20 JRs-Western PA (Winter 2006); Top 63-PA-JRs (Keystone Recruiting-late January 2006); 1-Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Terrific 25; 2-WPIAL (Keystone Recruiting); 1-Pittsburgh Tribune-Review-AA-Area; Top 54 Western PA Underclassmen (October 25, 2005, Keystone Recruiting); 1-Keystone Recruiting-PS-Overall-AS; 1-Keystone Recruiting-PS-WPIAL OFFERS: PITT, MS, AKRON,UCONN,MICH,TEMP,MICHST,WVU,COL,CIN,PUR

13 Nick Sukay WR/DB 6'2 191 4.50 Greensburg Central Catholic Pennsylvania Penn State Sukay was a First Team Class AA All-State DB as a junior after recording 58 tackles, 6 INTs and 7 forced fumbles. On offense, he had 29 receptions for 660 yards and eight TDs. As a sophomore he recorded 10 INTs. He has surprising speed, has the frame to add 20 pounds, plays tough and has excellent size. Really proved that he ranks amoing the nation's top receivers during the spring evaluation period, but he may be even a better DB prospect at the next level. He committed to Penn State in June. 3-PA (Keystone Recruiting May 22, 2006); 9-PA (Keystone Recruiting, April 13, 2006); Top 20 JRs-Western PA (Winter 2006); Top 63-PA-JRs (Keystone Recruiting-late January 2006); 1-AP-AA-AS (DB); 2-WPIAL (WR; Keystone Recruiting); 1-Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Terrific 25; 1-Pittsburgh Tribune-Review-AA-Area (DB); Top 54 Western PA Underclassmen (October 25, 2005, Keystone Recruiting); HM-Keystone Recruiting-PS-Overall-AS; HM-Keystone Recruiting-PS-WPIAL OFFERS: MARSH,KY, WVU,IN,GT,PITT,TOL,RUT, VANDY, MICHST, SYR, PUR, UCONN,IA,GA,BC, LOU,CLEM,TEN, ND, MICH, VT, TULANE,PSU

14 Niles Paul WR/DB 6'1 185 4.40 Omaha North Nebraska Nebraska Probably the top prospect in Nebraska, Paul could be an impact player in college at either WR or DB. He's a nephew of former Nebraska great and current NFL star Ahman Green. He's an aggressive and fast WR with great leaping ability (36-inch vertical) and a fine set of hands. As a sophomore he was a state champion hurdler. As a junior he posted 32 receptions for 650 yards and 10 TDs. Niles ended the suspense early by committing in January to, surprise, surprise, Nebraska. Top 12 NEB ( – Winter 2006); 2-Lincoln Journal Star-AS (WR); 2-Omaha World-Herald-Metro (WR) OFFERS: NEB,IAST

15 Jay Smith WR 6'2 187 4.47 Norfolk Lake Taylor Virginia Smith really exploded onto the scene with a fine junior season (Second Team All-Beach District) and has looked exceptional during the 2006 combine rounds. As a junior, playing in a run-oriented offense he had 17 receptions for 307 yards and 6 TDs. He has good size, strength, leaping ability (36-inch vertical), speed and agility (4.59 shuttle). He also runs good routes and is a physical blocker. One of the top 12 prospects in the state. He transferred from Virginia Beach Kempsville to Lake Taylor for his senior season. 1-South Hampton Roads (May, 10, 2006- The Virginian-Pilot) OFFERS: AKRON,NCST, UVA,GA,KY,LSU,MD,TEN,ECAR,VT,WVU,PSU,CLEM,FLA,MIA,SCAR,SYR,WAKE,ND

16 Dion LeCorn WR/DB 5'11 204 4.48 Ocala Trinity Catholic Florida Florida churns out the talent at the WR position better than anybody, and LeCorn is among the best in the nation this year. Not very tall, but he's pretty thick with more of a RB's build at over 200 pounds. As a junior he had 59 receptions for 1,151 yards and 11 TDs in helping lead his team to the state title. As a sophomore he had 40 receptions for 852 yards. He's a very strong receiver who can get off of the line of scrimmage, runs solid routes, has great quickness (4.06 shuttle), and has the speed to get separation from the defender. 18-FLA-JRs (Winter 2006); 1-FSWA-2B-AS (WR); 3Top 12 Juniors (Summer 2005) OFFERS: FLA,SFLA,TEN,ILL,MS,MSST,CLEM,SCAR,IA,CFLA

17 James Kirkendoll WR 5'10 167 4.38 Round Rock Texas Kirkendoll has had a great 2006 combine season and is now considered to be one of the top WRs in Texas. A real burner, with sub-4.4 speed, he also has very soft hands and runs good routes. As a sophomore he had 34 receptions for 515 yards and he followed that up his junior season with 50 receptions for over 600 yards 64-JRS-TEX (Winter 2006); 1-District 15-5A (WR); 2-District 15-5A (RET) OFFERS: MIA,CLEM,COL,COLST,OK,OKST,NEB,MO,KAN, KANST,TT

18 Leonard Hankerson WR 6'3 190 4.55 Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas Florida Hankerson had a fine junior season playing for a talent-laden Aquinas squad, helping the team to the state Class 6A finals by hauling in 28 receptions for 606 yards and 14 TDs in 14 games. Also plays on the basketball team. He has a nice combination of height and speed, presenting mismatches for many corners he has facd at the prep level. One of the South's very best skill players. 36-FLA-JRs (Winter 2006); 2-Miami Herald-Broward-6A-4A; HM-Fort Lauderdale SS-Broward-Large OFFERS: MIA,MICH, CENFLA,AUB,PUR,RUT,MSST,MS,FLA,NCST,PITT,SFLA,WISC,TEN,IA,GA

19 Brandon Gibson WR/DB 6'2 190 4.55 Mobile UMS-Wright Alabama Gibson is a track star (national age-group champion in the triple jump as well as state 4A champion as a sophomore in the 400-meters and 800-meters) who also excels on the gridiron. As a junior, this smooth and fast WR had 43 receptions for 750 yards and 13 TDs in helping his team to the state title. One of the top 12 prospects in the state. Top 11 AL (February 27, 2006); 1-ASWA-4A-AS; 1-Montgomery Advertiser-4A-AS OFFERS: AL,AUB,KY,LSU,MS, KANST,TROY,GT,GA,SCAR

20 Ron Brooks WR/DB 6'0 170 4.40 Irving MacArthur Texas Brooks really had a breakout junior season after seeing limited action as a sophomore (11carries for 143 yards and 3 TDs). As a junior WR he hauled in 48 passes for 776 yards and 8 TDs. He's a real speedster and namong the top WRs in Texas. 1-District 6-5A (WR) OFFERS:KAN,OK,OKST, A&M,IA, FLA, NEB,PUR,WISC,LSU,ARK,TCU,KANST,MICHST,TT

21 Markques Simas WR/DB 6'3 200 4.57 San Diego Mira Mesa California It's not a strong year for receivers in California, but Simas has emerged as perhaps the best in the state. As a junior he recorded 41 receptions for 875 yards and 16 TDs. He has good, but not great speed, is strong, athletic and has outstanding leaping ability and body control. The starting center on the basketball team, he's still a bit raw on the gridiron. He's a solid 3.1 student. Top 50-CA-JRs (Winter 2006); 1-CAL-Junior-AS (WR); 1-San Diego Union-Tribune-Area; 2-Hall of Champions-San Diego Section Team; 1-Eastern League OFFERS: COL,BOISE ST,SDST,OREST,UCLA,AZ,CAL,MICH,AZST,ORE, WASHST,BYU,UNLV

22 Taurian Washington WR/DB 6'2 185 4.50 Orchard Lake St. Mary's Michigan Ohio State Washington may have been overlooked a bit as a junior with the presence of such senior stars as Anthony Bowman (Iowa) and Aaron Gant (Ohio State) and junior prospects as Dionte Allen and Justin Siller, but college scouts have known all about him since he was a sophomore at recently closed Detroit DePorres. He has gotten bigger the past couple of years, has good speed (placed in the Division 4 state 200-meter finals as a soph, 10.8 100-meters) and athletic ability. He needs to become more physical at the line of scrimmage, but getting stronger has helped. Also needs to catch the ball better. As a junior he had 35 receptions for over 900 yards and scored 12 TDs. He committed to Ohio State in August. HM-News-North (E); 2-Catholic-Central OFFERS: 16+ July Os: MICHST,IA,ORE,ILL,WISC,MICH,PUR,PSU,PITT,NCST,GT,OHST

23 Anthony Morris WR 6'3 205 4.50 Harvey Thornton Township Illinois Morris plays for a program that has produced almost as much NFL talent as any school in the nation. He's a tall, fast and athletic WR can go up an get the ball (great 40-inch vertical). He has started since his sophomore season, which is a tough thing to do at Harvey Thornton. He also plays basketball. The state's top receiver and arguably the best in the midwest. 6-Chicago Area (Lemming-April 30, 2006) OFFERS: ILL,IN,IA, WISC, MICH,WVU,MIN,MICHST,ND,AZST

24 Christian Smith WR/DB 6'1 195 4.50 Birmingham Huffman Alabama Christian is the younger, and quite a bit smaller, brother of last year's star line recruit Andre Smith (Alabama signee). Christian, however, is a star skill player, excelling at both WR and in the secondary. He played all over the place as a junior, recording over 500 yards rushing and over 400 yards receiving o offense and 30 tackles and 4 sacks on defense. A real athlete (38-vertical, 4.45 forty, 10.4 100-meters), although smaller than his brother he could be just as strong (400 bench, 500 squat, 390 power clean). One of the best athletes in the class, irrespective of position, Smithe could star at the next level at either WR or DB. OFFERS: AL,AUB,LSU,TEN,CLEM

25 Desmond Bryant WR 6'2 205 4.58 Lufkin Texas Bryant really exploded onto the scene as a junior for a strong Lufkin program after catching just 5 passes for 93 yards, but with 4 of them going for scores his sophomore season. As a junior Bryant caught 48 passes for 1,025 yards and 16 TDs. He has solid size, good, but not great, speed, goes up (35-inch vertical) and gets the ball, and can make the tough catch. He has great ball skills. He benches 245 and squats 400 pounds. He will need to watch his academics. 10-JRS-TEX (February 13, 2006); Texas Top 16 (Winter 2006); 8-JRS-TEX (December 2005); 2-AP-5A-AS; 1--Greater Houston 5A-Area; 1-District 14-5A OFFERS: TT,OK,IA,OKST,A&M,LSU,NEB,IAST,COL

26 DeAngelo Benton WR 6'3 195 4.50 Bastrop Louisiana LSU Benton enjoyed an outstanding 2005 season, earning First Team Class 4A All-State honors. He may, however, have been a bit overlooked early on as some publications consistently listed him as a sophomore (e.g. was named a Student Sports First Team Sophomore All-American) despite the fact it was his junior year of eligibility. That's probably because he's a bit behind academically and may not actually graduate until a year later. As a junior, he hauled in 34 passes for 679 yards and 10 TDs. He has fine size, runs well, can get up and get the ball (40-inch vertical) and is a real playmaker. Will need to watch his grades.. Has some real nice early offers. He committed to LSU in May. 27-LA (Winter 2006); 17-LA JRs (Dandy Don-January 2005); 3-AS; 1-LSWA-4A-AS; 1- All-Championship Game Team OFFERS: MS,MSST,ARKST,FSU,AL,AUB,ARK,COL, UCLA,LSU

27 Nick Toon WR 6'2 185 4.50 Madison Middleton Wisconsin Wisconsin Toon is the son of former Badger great and NFL star WR Al Toon. He also lives in Madison. It therefore came as no surprise when he committed in February to Wisconsin. As a junior, he had 26 receptions for 425 yards and 5 TDs. He also had 15 returns for 345 yards. He has excellent size and speed and is very athletic. His hands are like glue and he can really get up into the air, just like his father. He's also an exceptional downfield blocker. He was very impressive at several summer camps in 2005. Very personable. 3-WISC-JRs ( – Winter 2006); HM-Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-AS (WR); 1-Madison Capital Times-Area (SPEC) OFFERS: WISC

28 Drew Davis WR 6'1 195 4.45 Denver Montbello Colorado Drew is one of the top 2 prospects in Colorado and possesses a nice combination of height, strength (20 bench reps), leaping ability (30-inch vertical) and speed (4.54). As a junior he had 45 receptions for 988 yards and 13 TDs. He runs disciplined routes, has great agility and breaks off of the line of scrimmage very quickly. He also has excellent hands. He was very impressive at the Colorado camp in 2005 and was the top receiver at the 2006 USC Nike camp. 2-CO (Spring 2006); 1-Denver Post-AS; 1-Denver Post-5A-AS; 2-Rocky Mountain News-5A-AS; 1-Denver Prep League (5A) OFFERS: COL,IAST, KANST,WASH,WASHST

29 Anthony Boyles WR/QB 6'3 185 4.57 Gardena Serra California Boyles has a nice combination of size and speed. One of the top 3 receivers in the state, he has excellent body control, runs great routes and is surprisingly quick for his size. As a junior, he caught 23 passes for 467 yards and 5 TDs. As a sophomore he completed 4 of 5 passes for 58 yards and 1 TD, had 9 carries for 89 yards and 5 receptions for 102 yards. Played all over the place as a junior but projects at WR in college. Could really move up the charts once his tape makes the rounds. OFFERS: 20 June Os: WASH,NEB,ORE, AZST, UNLV,OREST,WASHST,BOISE ST,NMEXST,UTAHST,AZ,SDST,BAY

30 Nick Trice WR 6'1 185 4.44 Killeen Harker Texas Texas A&M A personal favorite, Trice is a fast-rising prospect after shining in 2006 combines. When you are 6-2, run a legit sub-4.5 forty, have great agility (3.96 shuttle) and can catch the ball you will be a wanted man. Was sort of under the radar until the 2006 combines as he played for a DOD school in Heidelberg, Germany as a freshman and sophomore and sat out his junior season at Harker with a torn ACL. Solid student. Look for him to continue to explode through the summer and fall. He committed to Texas A&M in May. OFFERS:OKST,A&M

31 Israel Troupe WR 6'1 199 4.39 Tifton Tift County Georgia Georgia Troupe is a strong, powerful, physical and high leaping (34-inch vertical) WR with fine size. The only area where he is average is in his agility (4.79 shuttle). As a junior, he was named First Team AAAA All-State for the second year in a row. After being named as a first-team wide receiver in as a sophomore, Troupe was named a first-team kick returner in 2005, even though he was injured for much of the second half of the season. As a junior, he caught 36 passes for 495 yards and three TDs, had 14 punt returns for 214 yards and four kickoff returns for 194 yards. He returned two of the four kickoffs for touchdowns, as well as one punt. Probably the top WR in the state, he has looked very good during the 2006 combine season. He committed to Georgia in August. Top 60-JRs-GA (Winter 2006); Top 75 GA (Winter 2006); 1-GSWA-AAAAA-AS (RET); HM-Atlanta JC-AAAAA-AS; 1-Tift Area (ATH) OFFERS: GT,FLA,SCAR,GA,CLEM,TROYST, LSU, LOU,MD

32 Maurice Williams WR/ATH/QB 6'3 180 4.47 Erie Strong Vincent Pennsylvania Maurice is a versatile performer with nice size and speed. A real playmaker with the ball in his hands, he plays QB in high school but projects as a WR in college. As a junior, he completed 44 of 92 pases for 1,193 yards and 11 TDs. He carried the ball 83 times for 442 yards and 9 TDs. Also plays DB. Has looked very good as a WR while making the 2006 combine rounds. Has moved up the charts with an impressive spring evaluation period. 10-PA (Keystone Recruiting May 22, 2006); 15-PA (Keystone Recruiting, April 13, 2006); Top 63-PA-JRs (Keystone Recruiting-late January 2006) OFFERS: PITT,SYR,WVU,MD,UCONN,KENT ST,GA,MICHST,PSU,CIN,BC

33 Jermaine McKenzie WR/DB 6'2 165 4.44 Bradenton Academy Florida Alabama McKenzie plays for a school better known for producing tennis players than football prospects, as Bradenton Academy will be fielding its first team in 2006. Nevertheless, if you have talent the scouts will find you. McKenzie has excellent height and speed. A two-way star; he projects as a WR in college. His junior season, he played at St. Petersburg Catholic and had 33 receptions for 650 yards and 10 TDs. On defense, he tallied 41 tackles and 4 INTs. His twin brother, Tremaine, is also receiving looks. He has looked very, very good during the 2006 combine season. He committed to Alabama in May. OFFERS: AUB,KAN,WVU,CLEM,FSU,AL

34 Roderick Davis WR/DB 6'1 192 4.40 Memphis Wooddale Tennessee Davis is one of the top 6 prospects in Tennessee. He had a tremendous junior season, catching 39 passes for 775 yards and 12 TDs. He also had 609 yards in kickoff returns. On defense he had 15 pass break-ups as a junior. This versatile and speedy athletre couldplay on either side of the ball in college, but I project him as a WR due to his strong ball skills. 3-TEN (Winter 2006); 1-Memphis Commercial Appeal-Metro MIAA 4A-5A OFFERS: MS,SCAR,TEN,TT,MSST,AUB

35 Todd Campbell WR 6'1 185 4.50 Franklin Tennessee Tennessee Campbell is one of several very talented receivers in the state this year. He has great speed (10.8 100-meters), athleticism and leaping ability (37-inch vertical) and can run for yardage after the catch. As a junior, Campbell had 35 receptions for 817 yards and 12 TDs in earning First Team Class 5A All-State honors. Campbell committed to Tennessee in April. Top 12 Juniors –TEN (Winter 2006); 1-TSWA-5A-AS (WR); 2-Nashville Tennesseean-Midstate (WR) OFFERS: TEN,KY,VAND,SCAR,KANST,MSST,AL,LOU

36 Willie White WR/DB 6'3 175 4.51 Kingsland Camden County Georgia Georgia Tech A talented two-way athlete, White could project at either WR or safety in college. He has looked very, very good during the 2006 combine circuit at WR, but some schools such as Florida State want him as a free safety. He has good athletic ability, great height and has the speed to get separation from DBs as a WR. With his height and leaping ability he can really go up and catch the ball. One of the better prospects in Georgia. He committed to Georgia Tech in July. Top 60-JRs-GA (Winter 2006) OFFERS: FSU,GT,SCAR,TEN,ILL,TROY,WAKE,VANDY

37 Bo Williams WR/DB 6'1 208 4.40 Oakland Park Northeast Florida Williams earned Honorable Mention All-Broward County honors as a junior RB but, with his great speed, projects as a WR in college even though he wants to play RB. Great speed? How about the national Junior Olympic Champion in the 200-meters in the 18-and-under category with a time of 21.92 seconds as a sophomore. He also ranked among the top three nationally in the 100-meters and 400-meters.. Not just a sprinter, Williams has good size, agility (4.25 shuttle as a soph) and strength (265 bench, 15 bench reps, 455 squat as a soph) as well. His junior season he had 82 carries for 708 yards and 4 TDs. He also caught 31 passes for 415 yards and 6 TDs. Raw but talented. HM-Miami Herald-Broward-6A-4A OFFERS: 20+ May Os: NCST,PITT,BC,WVU,CFLA, NEB,MS,AZST,KY,LOU,UCONN,FSU

38 Zion Babb WR/DB 6'2 180 4.50 Alhambra California Babb is a smooth WR prospect with good size, speed and hands. As a junior, he had 54 receptions for 919 yards (17.0 avg.) and 11 TDs. As a sophomore, he had 43 receptions for 763 yards and 8 TDs, 1 fumble recovery, 2 punt returns for 19 yards, and 13 kick returns for 375 yards. His father, Lance, was a hurdler at USC and he was the conference champ in the 100-meters and 110-hurdles as a sophomore. Zion is a hurdler as well. As a junior, he won the 110-meter hurdles at the CIF-Southern Section Division II finals with a time of 14.2. He has a best of 13.82. 11-WR-Southern Section (LA Times-August 2005); 1-PS-San Gabriel Valley OFFERS: MICH,AZ,UNLV,NEB,ORE,CAL,WASH,COL

39 Kamar Aiken WR/DB 6'3 195 Hollywood Chaminade-Madonna Florida A Second Team All-Broward County Small School selectionas a junior, Aiken has the great size and physical style of play that colleges love to see in a WR. As a junior two-way starter, he registered 35 tackles and 3 INTs as a safety. His team didn't throw the ball much, but when they did Aiken proved to be a game-breaker. He also has very good speed, runs solid routes, has a 39-inch vertical and has soft hands. He has some very nice early offers. 58-FLA-JRs (Winter 2006); 2-Fort Lauderdale SS-Broward-Small (DB); 3Top 12 Juniors (Summer 2005) OFFERS: AUB,FLA,UVA,SFLA,CENFLA

40 James Rogers WR/DB/RB 6'3 180 4.40 Madison Heights Lamphere Michigan Michigan Rogers exploded onto the scene at the Michigan summer camp in June 2006, looking exceptional in drills and winning the camp's "smokehouse award" with the fastest forty time. Not bad for a nice-size WR who had been lost in the shuffle as a result of playing for a relatively small catholic league school as a junior after transferring from another school following his sophomore year. As the team's best athlete, he also had to play out of position at RB his junior year, rushing or over 1,100 yards (9.8 average) and 16 TDs while registering 24 receptions for over 400 yards and 2 TDs. A hard wporker with fine size, speed and hands. One of the nation's best kept secrets. He committed to Michigan in June. HM-News-North (DB) OFFERS: CMU,COL,BALLST,G,MICH

41 Bryshon Nellum WR 6'0 175 4.30 Long Beach Poly California Nellum has not yet played much football, but his unbelievable speed makes him hard to ignore. As a junior he had to sit and wait his turn as a WR playing behind all-american seniors Terrance Austin (UCLA) and Travon Patterson (USC), catching only 2 passes for 41 yards. He reportedly has very good hands. On the track, hen competed in the World Youth Track Championships in Morocco and took third in the 400-meters and first in the 4x400-meter relay. He also won the 200-meters at the USA Youth Championships in 21.30 seconds. He has run a 10.6 100-meters. As a junior, he won state titles in the 200 meters (20.96) and 400 meters (46.38). He could move toward the top of the charts once he has the chance to produce on the field. OFFERS: UTAH,AZ,ORE,CAL

42 Marquis Maze WR/RB/ATH 5'9 160 4.40 Tarrant Alabama Michigan Marquis is one of the best kept secrets in the South because it took a while for his film to make the rounds and at just 5-9 he wasn't about to make any early blue-chip lists without having earned all-state honors. On film he really wowed recruiters, showing off fine hands and explosive quickness and agility from his RB spot. He could play RB in college but many scout prefer him as a slotback/WR. The in-state schools were late to offer and missed the boat, as he received some fine out-of-state offers over the summer. As a junior, he had 95 carries for 1,109 yards and 9 TDs. He committed to Michigan in August. OFFERS: SMS,MEMPHIS,UAB,MICH,TEN,AL,AUB,LSU,MIA

43 Marquis Rolle WR 6'3 191 4.46 Orlando Olympia Florida Rolle is a Florida sleeper who emerged over the summer with some outstanding offers, including powerful Miami. He has a great combination of size and speed. As a junior, he registered 25 receptions for over 300 yards. Runs the sprints in track. One of the best prospects in central Florida. OFFERS: OHIO,AUB,BC,WVU,CIN,CLEM,GA,MIA

44 Deon Miller WR 6'4 195 4.50 Lawton Oklahoma Deon is one of the top 10 prospects in Oklahoma. He has great size, separation speed, toughness and can go up and make the tough catches. He's still learning how to play the game. The past two seasons he has caught a total of 82 passes for almost 1,100 yards and 13 TDs. t 3-OK-JRs ( 31, 2006); Top 12 OK JRs (October 2005) OFFERS: OKST

45 Xavier Dye WR 6'5 205 4.53 Duncan Byrnes South Carolina Clemson Xavier is a tall and rangy WR who committed to Clemson back in November. As a junior, he had 37 receptions for 614 yards and 4 TDs. He has good speed for his size, running the relays in track. He needs to get stronger but should be an excellent possession receiver for the Tigers. He transferred from Greenwood to Duncan Byrnes for his senior year, where he will be hooking-up with fellow Clemson-verbal Will Korn. 3-WR-SCAR (Spring 2006); Top 20 SC JRS (Winter 2006); Top 15 4A Players to Watch in 06 (DEC 05); 6-SC-JRs (PS-TigerRag); South Carolina Top 22 Juniors (Summer 2005) OFFERS: CLEM

46 Reginald Dunn WR/DB 5'10 162 4.35 Los Angeles Verbum Dei California Dunn is part of a breakout senior class at long-dormant Verbum Dei. One of the nation's most versatile and improved players, although he is a bit on the small side he has excellent 4.35 speed together with fine agility (4.25 shuttle) and a fine 33-inch vertical. An all-purpose prospect who could also project at CB, as a junior he had 12 receptions for 319 yards and 4 TDs, 315 yards rushing and 4 TDs, 41 tackles, 3 INTs and 3 fumble recoveries. As a sophomore, he had 52 carries for 708 yards (13.62ypc) and 4 TDs, 13 receptions for 144 yards and 1 TD and 33 tackles, 13 assists and 5 INTs. He has really, really shined during the 2006 combine circuit. 1-Long Beach/South Bay-PS-Area (DB) OFFERS: AZ

47 Kerry Taylor WR 6'0 176 4.62 Chandler Hamilton Arizona Arizona State The top receiver in Arizona, Taylor has great bloodlines as his uncle is former NFL star John Taylor and his dad played 10 years in the NFL after starring at Illinois. As a junior, he had 40 catches for 760 yards (19.0 ypc avg.)) and 11 TDs. As a sophomore he had 12 catches for 170 yards and 2 TDs, 7 punt returns for 57 yards and 4 carries for 18 yards. He's a talented playmaker capable of playing either WR or CB at the next level. He also has the work ethic to succeed both on and off the field. He committed o Arizona State in June. Top 150 AZ (Spring 2006); 1-5A1-AS (WR) OFFERS: AZST,OREST, SDST

48 Doug Beaumont WR/DB 5'10 165 4.45 Louisville Male Kentucky Beaumont is one of the top 5 prospects in Kentucky this year. He's a small but speedy WR/DB who has been an impact player at Male since his freshman season, when he had 46 catches for 592 yards. In order to get the ball in his hands as often as possible he played RB as a junior and responded with 115 carries for 1,169 yards and 28 TDs. He also had 54 receptions for 881 yards and another 7 TDs. He's a versatile, quick and speedy receiver who does amazing things with th ball in his hands. He's been compared by many, including his coach, to Deion Branch. An explosive prospect in a small package. Also a Mr. Kentucky candidate in basketball. An exceptional 4.0 student. KFCA Tremendous 26 seniors (May 2006); 1-LouisvilleCourier-Journal-AS; 1-AS (ATH); 50 of Kentucky's top players (PS-Louisville CJ-just 8 Juniors listed) OFFERS: KY,LOU

49 Anthony Anderson WR/DB 6'0 175 4.50 Knoxville Austin East Tennessee Tennessee Anderson is a multi-prupose athlete who will probably play WR in college. Considered by some to be among the top 6 prospects in the state, he has great speed and good ball skills. Also excels in returns. Anderson committed in February to Tennessee. 5-TEN (Winter 2006); Top 12 Juniors –TEN (Winter 2006) OFFERS: TEN

50 Kris Burd WR 6'1 180 4.45 Matoaca Virginia Burd is a talented all-around athlete with sub-4.5 speed who caught 44 passes for 840 yards and 5 TDs before a broken collarbone ended his junior season prematurely. He is also a standout safety. As a sophomore he had 721 yards receiving. He also plays basketball and baseball. Has a GPA of above 3.0. The top receiver in Virginia, but there are no Percy Harvins, Chris Bells or Vidal Hazeltons in the class this year. 1-Richmond Times-Dispatch-Metro; Region OFFERS: UVA,VT,MD

51 Gabriel Bryant WR/QB 6'2 200 4.50 Jonesboro Hodge Louisiana LSU Bryant is a talented WR prospect with a nice combination of size and speed. As a junior playing at Crossett High in Arkansas, he had 54 receptions for 1,154 yards (21 ypc avg.) and 8 TDs. He is an outstanding athlete who has the ability to play several positions at the next level. He played QB before his junior season and will probably play that position as well as a senior. He had 3 rushing TDs, 327 return yards and 3 INTs in limited defensive time his junior season. He played at Hodge as a freshman and sophomore and decided to return to Hodge for his final season. Unfortunately, his status for the 2006 season is unclear as he was dismissed from the Hodge team in the spring. Really shows his enthusiasm on the field (for better or worse). A fine talent who was a bit of an unknown to recruiters due to the transfers until he committed to LSU in February. 13-LA (Winter 2006) OFFERS: LSU

52 Sean Wiser WR/DB 6'2 195 4.55 Westlake Village Oaks Christian California One of the top 5 wideouts in California, Wiser is overshadowed by some of his big name teammates, but it must be nice having Jimmy Clausen tossing you the pigskin. As a junior he had 38 receptions for a whopping 901 yards (23.71 ypc) and 13 TDs. He is a well-rounded receiver with good size, speed, hands and he runs solid routes. As a sophomore he had 23 receptions for 352 yards and 4 TDs and also posted 23 tackles and 7 assists as a safety. 7-WR-Southern Section (LA Times-August 2005); 9-LA Daily News-PS-WR OFFERS: ORE,OREST,KY,MS,DUKE,UVA,WASHST,TROY,NW,UTAH

53 Tarus McKinley WR 6'0 190 4.40 Belle Glade Glades Central Florida McKinley is the "other" receiver, playing opposite superstar Deonte Thompson on the talented Glades Central team. Don't let that "other" status fool you, though, as McKinley is a fine talent in his own right. As a junior, he had 17 receptions for 472 yards and 6 TDs. He lacks Thompson's homerun speed, but isn't too far behind. He runs track and also plays basketball. His brother, Randy Phillips, plays for Miami. 53-FLA-JRs (Winter 2006); 2-Fort Lauderdale SS-Palm Beach-Small; 2-Palm Beach Post-Large Schools-Area; 3-Palm Beach County JRs (November 2005) OFFERS: GA, SCAR, WVU, MIA,GA,LOU,LSU

54 Wayne Bonner WR 6'4 182 4.50 Milledgeville Baldwin County Georgia Bonner was a Second Team All-Middle Georgia selection as a junior, hauling in 41 passes for 800 yards and 13 TDs. He helped lead his team to the state Class AAAA semifinals. A tall, speedy and athletic WR who has tremendous vertical skills (40-inch vertical) and is especially effective gaining yards after the catch. One of the top WRs in Georgia. Top 60-JRs-GA (Winter 2006); Top 75 GA (Winter 2006); 2-Macon Telegraph:-Middle Georgia (WR) OFFERS: IN,FLA,MICH,MICHST

55 Mark Dell WR/DB 6'1 177 4.61 Farmington Hills Harrison Michigan Michigan State Dell plays for one of the top programs in the state and has been a very productive WR. As a junior, he had 43 catches for 928 yards and 11 TDs. On defense, he registered 28 tackles and 6 INTs. He's a talented athlete with quick feet and very good hands. Especially talented at going up for the ball. Also stars in basketball. One of the top 15 prospects in a talent-laden Michigan senior class. He committed to Michigan State in August. SM-AP-A-AS; HM-News-A-AS; 2-News-Metro; 1-Freep-North; 1-News-North (DB); 1-Eccentric-Area; 5-Oakland County-PS-Top 75 OFFERS: MICHST,PUR,AKRON,IA,MO,WISC,CMU,EMU

56 Darian Williams WR 6'1 185 4.50 Oakland Park Northeast Florida Not to be confused with teammate Bo Williams, this Williams is a blue-chip receiver in his own right and one of the top prospects in Broward County. As a junior, he had 31 receptions for 415 yards and 6 TDs. Is aggressive and has good ball skills. Also plays basketball. HM-Miami Herald-Broward-6A-4A OFFERS: 20+ May Os: TEN,AZST,AUB,CFLA,PITT

57 Toddrick Bajoie WR/DB 6'3 205 4.50 Pointe Coupee Catholic Louisiana LSU Bajoie is a tall and speedy small school WR who earned First Team Class 1A All-State honors his junior year. As a junior, he had 32 receptions for 786 yards and 11 TDs. It was his first year of football, as he was solely focused on basketball beforehand. A tremendous athlete, Bajoie has about a 40-inch vertical leap and is also quite strong, with a 275-pound bench, 405-pound squat and a 260-pound clean. Has a great work ethic which will get him far in his playing career. He committed to LSU in June. 9-LA (Winter 2006); 37-LA (Dandy Don-January 2005); 1-LSWA-1A-AS (RET); 1-Baton Rouge Advocate-3A-2A-1A -Metro; 1-District 6-1A (ATH&RET) OFFERS: MS,MIA

58 Cameron Wade WR 6'6 195 4.55 Cairo Georgia Florida State Wade is a tall and rangy WR who can really get up and catch the ball. He has decent, no great, speed. He uses his body well. He should be a fine possession receiver at the next level. Looked very good over the summer on the camp/combine circuit. He committed to Florida State at their camp in July. OFFERS: LOU,SCAR,KY,FSU

59 Darrius Young WR 6'0 209 4.60 Shannon Mississippi As a junior, Young emerged as probably the top WR prospect in Mississippi, catching 25 passes for 680 yards (27.2 yards per catch) and 7 TDs despite missing four games. He has nice size, good quickness (4.37 shuttle), runs great routes and has the ability to go up and make the catch (31-inch vertical). Lacks top-flight speed. He practices hard and is a good blocker. 2-MFCA-4A-AS; 1-Tupelo Daily Journal-Area OFFERS: MS,MSST,AL,TEN, SMS,MEMPHIS

60 Kyrus Lanxter WR 6'3 185 4.48 Alcoa Tennessee Lanxter is a tall and lanky WR with fine speed, leaping ability and a nice pair of hands. He plays for one of the top programs in the state and can go the distance any time he touches the ball. As a sophomore, he earned All-Region honors as a WR, catching 29 passes for 689 yards and 15 TDs. As a junior he registered 875 receiving yards and 14 TDs in helping Alcoa to its second consecutive state title. One of the top ten prospects in Tennessee. 8-TEN (Winter 2006) OFFERS: LOU,MIN,WVU,VAND,MS

61 Devin Aguilar WR 6'3 175 Denver Mullen Colorado Aguilar is a talented all-around athlete who has a nice combination of size, speed, hands and route-running skills as a WR. He plays for a program that has produced quite a bit of talent over the years. Aguilar enjoyed a very productive junior season, being named First Team All-State (all classes). As a junior he had 56 receptions for 1,134 yards (20.3 avg.). Also a fine kick-returner for the state Class 5A runner-up team. As a sophomore he had 21 receptions for 314 yards and 3 TDs. He is also an outstanding basketball prospect and is leaning towards playing that sport in college. 5-CO (Spring 2006); 1-Denver Post-AS (SPEC-OFF); 1-Rocky Mountain News-AS; 1-Rocky Mountain News-5A-AS; 1-Denver Post-5A-AS; 1-Centennial League (5A) OFFERS: WY,WASH,KANST, AZST, COLST,COL

62 Tyrone Carrier WR 5'7 151 4.44 Houston Worthing Texas Carrier is a small but super-fast (21.0 200-meters, among the nations best times) and cat-quick (4.16 shuttle) WR who would make an ideal slot receiver at the next level. Can also go up (36-inch vertical) for the ball and has surpsing strength (300 bench) for his size. Also runs good routes. A First Team District 22-4A selection as a junior after scoring 8 TDs and registering almost 500 yards receiving. Was a starter as a freshman and as a sophomore had 16 receptions for 275 yards. 1-District 22-4A (WR) OFFERS: BAY,KANST, FLA, HOU,IN,MIN,NEB,OHST

63 Kendrick Celestine WR/DB/QB 5'11 173 4.40 Mamou Louisiana Celestine was an All-District selection at QB as a junior but projects at WR or CB in college due to his excellent speed and quickness. Has really shined during the 206 combine circuit. Also a fine student. 1-District 6-2A (QB) OFFERS: AUB,MS,LA TECH,LA-MON,UCLA, COL,TULANE

64 Dane Sanzenbacher WR/DB 5'11 174 4.60 Toledo Central Catholic Ohio Ohio State Dane isn't going to wow you testing at combines, but once he puts the pads on and gets on the field he's a real player. A First Team Division 2 All-Stater as a junior after leading his team to the state title while hauling in 65 passes for over 1,500 yards and 16 Ts. Also a solid defender, posting 60 tackles and 11 INTs. A real gamer. He committed to Ohio State in July. 2-OPS-AS (WR); HM-Ohio News Network-AS; 1-OPS-II-AS; 1-AP-Division II-AS; 1-Northwest District-II (co-OFF PoY); 1-Toledo Blade-Area; OFFERS: KENT ST,BALLST,BG,TOL,OHIO U.,IA,OHST

65 Markish Jones WR 6'1 187 4.40 Spartanburg Broome South Carolina Jones is one of the better receivers in the Carolinas. Can flat out fly. A great trackster who won the 100, 200, 400 meters and long jump at the state 2A track meet his junior year. Could play either WR or DB in college. As a junior, he had 35 receptions for 550 yards and 5 TDs. As a sophomore, he had 20 catches for 500 yards and 7 TDs. OFFERS: ECAR,MARSH, SCAR, MD,FSU,KY,TULSA,NCAR

66 Colin Sandeman WR 6'1 190 4.53 Bettendorf Iowa Iowa Sandeman could be the top prospect in Iowa. As a junior, he was First Team All-State after recording 41 receptions for 830 yards and 16 TDs. As a sophomore, he helped lead Bettendorf to the tate title. He has quick feet, good speed (runs the sprints in track), nice hips, great hands and runs well after catching he ball. He committed to Iowa in May. Top 1 IA JRs (Winter 2006); 1-All Classes-AS; 1-Des Moines Register-4A-AS; 1-INA-4A-AS; 1-MAC Conference OFFERS: IAST,IA,KAN,WY

67 Jonathan Jones WR 6'4 190 4.64 Fort Worth Everman Texas Jones is a sleeper prospect who has emerged during spring evaluation as one of the better wideouts in a deep and talented Texas class. He has excellent size, good hands and pretty good speed. He has some quality early offers. OFFERS: ARK,KAN,LSU,PUR,UTAH,TCU,WASHST, NEB,NW,GT, DUKE,A&M,MO,COL

68 Bradley Starks WR/QB/DB 6'4 175 4.40 Orange Virginia West Virginia Starks is a talented multi-purpose athlete who plays QB in high school and could project at several positions in college. I like him best as a WR due to his outstanding combination of height and speed, although some schools are recruiting him as an option QB. As a junior, he passed for 2,283 yards and 30 TDs and rushed for 685 yards and 11 TDs. He was named AP First Team Group AA All-State. He also stars in basketball. He committed to West Virginia in May. Top 15 MD/DC/NVA (Winter 2006); 5-VA (Winter 2005); 1-AP-AA-AS (QB); 1-VHSCA-AA-AS; 1-Region II OFFERS: WVU,TEMP,IAST

69 Derrick Ross WR 6'1 176 4.45 Magnolia South Pike Mississippi Per capita, Mississippi produces as many skill athletes as any state in the Union. Ross is a talented WR who earned First Team Daily Leader honors after catching 39 balls for 743 yards and 15 TDs as a junior. Ross combines nice height with blazing speed. Some of the top programs in the SEC have offered early. 2.5 GPA, so he will have to watch his academics. 1-Daily Leader-Area; Jackson Clarion-Ledger Pre-season 38 Juniors to Watch OFFERS: MSST,LSU,AUB

70 Kyle Jefferson WR/TE 6'4 163 4.63 Cleveland Glenville Ohio One of the top talents for the powerful Glenville program, Jefferson has great size and outstanding speed. He's a long strider. He needs to get stronger, run better routes and catch the ball better. As a junior, he caught 15 passes for 300 yards and 4 TDs. Also plays some CB. He has a 3.4 GPA. He stars in track in the 200-meters, 400-meters (fourth in the state as a sophomore at 48.62) and 110 hurdles. Top 11 WRs-OH-JRS (December); 2-WR-Jrs-OH (August 2005) OFFERS: AKRON,WISC,IN,MIA(OH),BG,MIN,MICHST, CIN,MARSH,PUR,IA

71 Mike Calvin WR 6'3 180 4.48 San Lorenzo California Calvin is one of my favorite sleepers in northern California. He has a great combination of size and speed and has looked exceptional on the combine circuit (tested at a 4.49 forty and 40-inch vertical at one event). As a junior, this two-way performer had 27 receptions for 665 yards and 13 TDs while registering 39 tackles and 3 INTs from his safety spot. On the move up, way up. HM-San Francisco Chronicle-Metro (WR) OFFERS: UTAH,OREST

72 Jacob Amie WR/TE 6'5 215 4.62 Tyler Lee Texas Texas Tech Possessing unique size for a WR, Amie has been surprisingly effective playing the position and also standing out as a WR at several combines. With teammate Tyler Fleet lodged in at TE, Amie has played WR for Lee. Also a fine basketball player, he has excellent athleticism. He has surprising separation speed as a WR, runs good routes and can go up and get the ball (38-inch vertical). He also has the frame, size and strength (330 bench) to be an exceptional blocker. Helped lead his team to the state 5A title as a sophomore. As a junior, he had 20 receptions for 324 yards and no scores. May go both ways as a senior. Impressive during 2006 combines. Has a high ceiling. He committed to Texas Tech in August. OFFERS: NEB,TT,OKST,KANST,A&M,RICE

73 Hubert Anyiam WR 6'0 165 North Garland Texas A First Team District 11-5A selection as a junior, Anyiam recorded about 50 receptions for just under 900 yards. Slight of build but cat-quick, this sleeper prospect is also an excellent hoopster. Has some nice early offers and is really moving up the charts. 1-District 11-5A OFFERS: IAST, OKST, AZST,A&M,NEB,KANST,IA,UTAH,AL,PUR,KAN,MSST,COL,COLST,TCU,AZ

74 A'Jami Guyton WR/DB/QB/ATH 6'1 189 4.50 Homestead Florida Guyton is a dual-threat QB/Athlete who could play several positions in college due to his fine speed. As a junior, he passed for 1,840 yards and rushed for 312 yards, accounting for 16 TDs. Most schools like him as a WR. He was named the top WR at the Miami summer camp. OFFERS: PITT,MS,AUB,ILL,MIN,MIA

75 T.J. Simpson WR 6'2 180 4.45 Peoria Arizona Arizona State It's a great year for talent in Arizona and Simpson is one of the state's top skill prospects. As a junior, he had 29 receptionss for 729 yards and 7 TDs. A deep threat who won five titles at the state Class 5A2 state track meet (100-meters in 11.02, 200-meters in 21.87, 400-meters in 48.46 and the 4x400m relay). Not just a sprinter, he is a physical receiver with excellent ball skills who is also effective going across the middle. Needs to work on his blocking. He committed to Arizona State in June. Top 150 AZ (Spring 2006) OFFERS: OREST,UTEP,MONTANA,ORE,WYO,AZST,SDST,NEV,HAWAII

76 David Gilreath WR 5'9 170 4.39 Plymouth Robinsdale Armstrong Minnesota Minnesota Don't let Gilreath's lack of stature or the fact that he's a skill player from Minnesota fool you. He can play the game. A relative sleeper on the national stage until the 2006 combine circuit, the Minnesota Gophers wree smart enough to offer him early before he really blew up at the combines. Blew up? Tiny but exceptionally quick (4.29 shuttle), fast (4.39 forty at one combine) and can get up high (35-inch vertical) to get the ball, he has made one big-name DB after another look average at best in one-on-one drills. He transferred after his junior season from Minneapolis Washburn to Robinsdale-Armstrong after his family moved. As a junior, he had 48 receptions for 702 yards and 15 TDs. As a sophomore, he had 54 receptions for 945 yards and 13 TDs. He's also an exceptional return man. He needs to get stronger (190 bench, 315 squat) in order to get off the line of scrimmage and effectively block in college. He committed to Minnesota in August. 13-JRs-MIN (Winter 2006); HM-St. Paul Pioneer Press-AS; 1-Minneapolis OFFERS: MIN,IAST,IA,WISC

77 William Cole WR/ATH 5'11 170 4.50 Cedar Hill Texas Cole is one of several talented prospects dotting the Cedar Hill roster. A versatile performer, as a sophomore he started at QB, passing for slightly under 2,000 yards and rushing for almost 1,000 yards. As a junior, he played RB and WR, earning First Team All-District honors as a WR. He projects as a WR or, perhaps, CB in college. He's quick and speedy, with fine 4.4 speed and a 34-inch vertical. 91-JRS-TEX (December 2005); Top 120 JuniorsTexas (ATH; Summer 2005); 1-District 7-5A (RB) OFFERS: KAN,BAY,A&M,OKST,CFLA, UTEP, AZ, LSU,ARK,TT,COLST,SMU

78 Quindarius Carr WR 6'1 165 4.56 Huntsville Alabama Carr emerged during the May evaluation period as one of the top prospects in the state, as evidenced by early offers from both Alabama and Auburn. As a junior, he had 26 receptions for 426 yards and 7 TDs. Runs good routes, has soft hands and can go up for the ball. Also being looked at as a safety. OFFERS: SCAR,MARSH,AUB,AL,TROY,SMS,PUR,LOU,COL,ARK

79 Dewayne Frampton WR/DB 5'10 170 4.45 Los Angeles Dorsey California Frampton played second-fiddle to a talented group of seniors in 2005 but should really explode as a senior. As a junior, he had 11 receptions for 261 yards (23.7 avg.) and 6 TDs. He can also play CB and excels as a kick returner. As a sophomore, he ran a 10.98 100-meters, 22.6 200-meters and recorded a 21-2 long jump. Great work ethic. The nephew of former UCLA RB Karim Abdul-Jabar and cousin of Ohio State signee Mark Johnson. OFFERS: FRESST,WASHST,OREST

80 Detron Lewis WR/DB 6'0 185 4.53 A&M Consolidated Texas Lewis is a talented WR/DB prospect who has really looked good during the 2006 combine season. A Second Tam All-Central Texas pick as a junior, Lewis has nice size and has game-breaking speed. A leader, he runs good deep routes and catching everything thrown in his direction. One of numerous talented WRs in Texas this year. 2--Central Texas (WR); 1-District 13-5A (WR) OFFERS: OKST

81 Shawn Williamson WR/DB 6'2 191 4.47 New Port Richey Gulf Florida Williamson teams with QB Alton Voss to form one of the nation's better pass-catch combinations. He has great size, excellent speed tremendous quickness (4.03 shuttle), good leaping ability (33-inch vertical) and runs good routes. He has been very impressive during the 2006 combine circuit. Asa junior, he scored 8 TDs and had more than 700 yards receiving. He also stars at CB. One of the top skill athletes in the state. Poor grades have held back the offers. 1-Tampa Tribune-Pasco County (WR); 2-St. Petersburg Times-Pasco County (WR)

82 Darnius Moore WR/DB 6'0 175 Tatum Texas Moore is a talented WR/CB prospect who could project at either position in college. As a junior, he had 27 receptions for 423 yards and 8 TDs and carried the ball 22 times for 287 yards and 2 TDs for the Class 3A state champions. He also had 2 INTs on defense. He earned All-District honors and was a Class 3A All-State selection as a kick returner. He has nice speed and athletic ability (14.0 110-meter hurdles, basketball player). He has some high quality early offers. 45-JRS-TEX (Winter 2006) OFFERS: A&M,NEB,OKST,HOU,TCU,UTEP

83 Dontrelle Inman WR/DB 6'3 185 4.50 Batesburg-Leesville South Carolina Inman is a talented two-way (WR/S) star at Leesville High, hauling in 31 passes for 400 yards and 4 TDs on offense and recording 69 tackles and 6 INTs on defense. Most schools like him as a WR due to his speed, excellent ball skills and playmaking ability. He can go up and catch the ball, has good hands and runs good routes. Also a fine student, with a 3.8 GPA. 4-WR-SCAR (Spring 2006) OFFERS: AUB,SCAR,MD,UVA,KY

84 Matt Clements WR 6'2 180 4.50 Naples Barron Collier Florida A Second Team Class 4A All-State selection as a junior after posting 50 receptions for 726 yards and 6 TDs. Has nice size and made it to the states as a sprinter in track his junor year. Also has great quickness (4.1 shuttle) and a 33-inch vertical. ; 2-FSWA-4A-AS (WR); 1-Naples Daily News-Area (WR); 1-FACA-District 16; 1-CCAC Conference OFFERS: BALLST,IAST, WVU, AUB, SCAR, IN,CLEM,UNLV,IA,WAKE,CHARLESTON STHN

85 Tarence Farmer WR/DB 6'1 185 4.47 Houston St. Pius X Texas Farmer has emerged as one of the top skill athletes in Houston. A two-time All-District perfomer for his TAPPS team, as a junior he had 42 receptions for 730 yards. Being looked at as either a WR or safety prospect. Older brother Clarence played at Arizona and in the NFL. Fine speed and very aggressive on the field. OFFERS:OKST,TEN,HOU,KAN

86 Steven Howard WR 6'3 185 4.45 Charlotte Olympic North Carolina North Carolina State Possessing great height, speed and hands, Howard is one of the top receiver prospects on the Atlantic Coast. As a junior, he caught 49 passes for 750 yards and 7 TDs. Has some quality early offers. He committed to North Carolina State in April. 13-NC (Winter 2006); Top 50-NC-JRs (Winter 2006); Top 5 Underclassmen Charlotte Observer, August 14, 2005) OFFERS:WAKE,NCST,VANDY

87 Paul Wilson WR 6'0 170 4.50 Lakeland Florida Florida Wilson is a bit overshadowed by some of his superstar teammates, but he is a legit high-level D-I prospect with excellent speed and quickness (4.16 shuttle). He shined at the San Antonio U.S. Army Combine in January. He was a Third Team Class 5A All-Stater as a junior. On his career, he has 72 receptions for 1,034 yards and 8 TDs playing in a running offense. His father played WR at Georgia. 3.8 GPA. He committed to Florida in June. 74-FLA-JRs (Winter 2006); 3-FSWA-5A-AS OFFERS: WVU,MARSH,FLA INT,SFLA,FLA

88 Sean Cattouse WR/DB/QB 6'3 190 Chicago Hubbard Illinois Cattouse is an athletic prep QB who is being recruited by most programs to play WR in college. He plays for a talented Chicago public school league team that has produced a lot of talent in recent years. He was an All-Conference performer as a junior QB. He'Fs tall, has excellent athletic ability and good ball skills. He has emerged as oneof the top 20 propsects in Illinois and has some early offers from the Big Ten. 10-Chicago Area (Lemming-April 30, 2006) OFFERS: PUR,NILL,MINN,KANST,NMEX,MSST,CMU,ILL,IAST,NW,BC,UCONN,NCAR

89 Bert Reed WR/QB/DB/ATH 6'0 175 4.42 Panama City Bay Florida Reed is an "uber-sleeper" athlete/QB who has some early offers from some very high quality programs. With his outstanding 10.5 speed he is being recruited by most schools as a WR or DB. 33-inch vertical, benches 255 and squats 360. Rapidly moving up the charts. OFFERS: FLA,AL,WVU,SFLA

90 Rolandis Woodland WR/DB 6'5 190 4.40 St. Louis Lutheran North Missouri Woodland is a two-sport star who needs to decide whether he will play basketball or football in college. With nice height, great leaping, athleticism and 4.4 speed he is a nightmare for defenders to deal with. He had a breakthrough junior season, with 29 receptions for 543 yards and 10 TDs. As a sophomore he had 5 receptions for a whopping 145 yards (29 yard avg.). He has a lot of raw ability and if he were to focus on football he could develop into a very special player. OFFERS: TEN,WISC,MICHST,KAN,ARK

91 Deon Ford WR 6'0 196 4.50 Rancho Cucamonga California Ford has looked pretty good on the combine circuit after catching 24 passes for 400 yards and 5 TDs as a junior. As a sophomore, he had 5 receptions for 70 yards and 1 TD. Well-built and can go up and get the ball with his soft hands. OFFERS: SDST,AZ,WASH,OREST,UTEP

92 Alex Lagemann WR/DB 6'1 205 4.50 Saratoga California Lagemann enjoyed a very productive junior campaign, recording 43 catches for 736 yards and 8 TDs in earning Second Team All-State honors. He looked very good at the Palo Alto Nike camp, showing off surprising 4.5 speed (down from 4.97 at the 2005 Nike), which along with his soft hands, precision route-running and size have turned him into one of the best receivers in the state. He committed to California in June. 2-CAL-Medium Schools-AS (WR) OFFERS: CAL,BOISE ST,SJST,BYU,ORE

93 Tyler Maples WR/DB 6'3 180 4.46 Maryville Tennessee Tennessee Maples is a tall and athletic receiver who scored 25 TDs as a junior catching, running and returning the ball. As a sophomore, he had 14 catches for 196 yards and 2 TDs for the state Class 4A champions. He's a very competitive possession receiver with pretty good speed. He also plays basketball. He committed to Tennessee in March. 1-TSWA-4A-AS (WR) OFFERS: TEN

94 Russell Carr WR/DB 6'2 187 4.75 Chino Don Lugo California Carr is a versatile prepster who has played QB, WR and FS but projects as a WR in college due to his nice size, strength (13 bench reps), great hands, leaping ability (35-inch vertical) and excellent route-running skills. As a junior, he passed for 450 yards and 4 TDs while catching 30 passes for 450 yards and 4 TDs. He has really shined during the 2006 combines and is one of he fastest-rising receivers in California. 1-CIF-Division VIII-Southern Section (WR) OFFERS: UTEP,BYU

95 E.J. Smith WR/DB 6'0 186 4.39 Camden Velma Jackson Mississippi E.J. really blew-up during the 2006 combine circuit, testing better than any prospect at one event in Louisiana (4.39 forty, 4.5 shuttle, 20 bench reps, 36-inch vertical). Has a rare combination of speed and strength (finished second in his weight-class at the South State Powerlifting Championship with a 285 bench, 500 squat and 550 deadlift). Also plays basketball. Two-way junior starter but projects as a WR in college. Has nice hands but still very raw as a football player. Cousin Martez Smith recently signed with Southern Mississipi. OFFERS: SMS

96 John Keye WR/TE 6'6 215 4.56 Jackson Georgia Kentucky Keye is a tall and athletic WR who possesses good ball skills. As a junior, he had 47 catches for 767 yards and 9 TDs. As a sophomore, he had 59 receptions for 932 yards and 10 TDs. Working hard to get stronger (235 bench, 385 squat) and fill out his frame. He's a nice-sized target with deceptive speed. He also stars in basketball. Not a great year for receivers in Georgia, but he's one of the two or three best. He committed to Kentucky in July. Top 60-JRs-GA (Winter 2006); Top 75 GA (Winter 2006); Top 7 GA Jrs (August 2005) OFFERS: LOU,KY

97 Derrick Sherman WR 6'0 180 4.50 Cincinnati Winthrow Ohio Purdue Sherman has emerged as one of the top three wide receivers in Ohio after enjoying a very productive junior season. As a junior, he had almost 40 receptions and 6 TDs. He lacks great speed and still needs to fill out, but has the skills to make an excellent possession receiver at the next level. He has good hands, runs decent routes, is especially effective in short outs and going over the middle and can get yards after the catch as he is very elusive. He committed to Purdue in June. Top 11 WRs-OH-JRS (December); 8-WR-Jrs-OH (August 2005)OFFERS: MIA(OH), MS, CIN,KENTST,MD,MICHST,PUR

98 Kevin Armstead WR 6'1 180 4.50 Humble Texas Armstead played at Van Nuys Birmingham in California as a junior but has transferred to Humble for his senior year, so was lost in the shuffle a bit during the evaluation period. As a junior, he had about 30 receptions for 500 yards and 5 TDs playing in a run-oriented attack led by super sophomore Milton Knox. He has solid speed and an eceptional 38-inch vertical. A real sleeper. OFFERS: AZ,MICH

99 Corey Wilson WR 6'0 184 4.47 Carrollton Creekview Texas Wilson has emerged as one of the better receivers in the Dallas area. He has good speed, athleticism and quickness. Good bloodlines as older brother Travis played at Oklahoma and in the NFL. OFFERS: ARK,KAN,KANST,TT,OKST,OK

100 LeTheo Proctor WR/DB/RB 5'11 167 4.78 Hyattsville Northwestern Maryland Proctor starred at Hyattsville Northwestern as a sophomore and junior but is reportedly moving to Anchorage, Alaska for his senior year. Hopefully, this talented young receiver will not be lost in the shuffle due to the move to a location of relative oblivion. A versatile athlete who has played numerous positions at Nothwestern, including QB, he probably projects as a WR in college due to his size, quickness and soft hands. He has looked good at several combines. He has some quality early offers. OFFERS: GT,MD,TEMP

101 Marcus Green WR/QB/DB 6'1 199 4.50 Boonville Kemper Military School Mississippi Mississippi State Green is an unheralded but very talented athlete out of Mississippi. In other words, an "uber"-sleeper. Literally playing out in the boons, this hidden gem has a great arm with a quick release and excellent accuracy. As talented as he is at QB, many schools like him best at WR or DB. He also is well-built, very quick (4.41 shuttle) and athletic (34-inch vertical). He has looked very good on the combine circuit. Mississippi State was on to him early and was the first school to offer. He committed to Mississippi State in August. OFFERS: MSST,MS,SMS

102 Ryan Maxwell WR/DB 5'9 180 4.40 Rancho Santa Margarita California Maxwell is a small but elusive and speedy (league champ in 100 and 200 meters) WR who is especially effective at picking up yards after the catch. As a junior, he had had 49 receptions for 762 yards and 9 TDs. As a sophomore, he had 22 catches for 272 yards and 2 TDs. Also an excellent return man. One of the better receivers in southern California. OFFERS: COLST,WYO

103 Kevin Williams WR 6'1 205 4.40 Flushing Holy Cross New York Williams is considered by many to be among the top 6 prospects in the state. A a junior he had 49 catches for 702 yards and 12 TDs and rushed for 516 yards and 5 TDs. He's a fine athlete, with a 39-inch vertical leap and 4.4 speed in the forty. He's also an excellent student.

104 Derrick Clark WR/DB 6'2 180 4.55 Apopka Florida Clark is a talented two-way prospect. As a junior, he had 22receptions for 3721 yards and 4 TDs and on defense added 57 tackles, 14 assists and 4 INTs. He has really looked very good during the 2006 combine circuit and is one of the fastest rising prospects in the state. He has good bloodlines as his father, Derrick Sr., was a college star. OFFERS: CENFLA,AUB

105 Marcus Mathews WR 6'4 200 4.65 Beaverton Southridge Oregon BYU Mathews is a tall and athletic possession receiver. As a junior, he had 47 catches for 690 yards and seven TDs. He was named First Team All-Metro League. He has excellent hands, runs good routes, has surprising agility (4.19 shuttle) and has a nice frame. Also a star hurdler in track. Needs to get stronger. 3.7 GPA. Committed to BYU in February. Portland Oregonian Top 88 Juniors (April 19, 2006); 1-Metro League (4A) OFFERS: BYU

106 Danny Coale WR/DB 6'0 195 Lexington Episcopal Virginia Virginia Tech Coale is a bit of a sleeper prospect as he plays for a VISFA school. As a junior, he caught 27 passes for 719 yards and 12 touchdowns. As a sophomore, he had 52 receptions for 980 yards and 11 TDs. Also a fine sprinter and plays lacrosse. He committed to Virginia Tech in July. 1-Washington Examiner-Northern Virginia OFFERS: OHIO,VMI,NCST,VT

107 Marvin McNutt WR/QB/DB 6'4 180 4,58 Florissant Hazelwood Central Missouri Iowa McNutt is being recruited by some schools as a QB and by others as an "athlete". I think that his best projected position would be WR or perhaps TE but at the right school he could make an effective QB. As a junior, he completed 79 of 157 passes (50.3%) for 1,239 yards, 12 TDs and just 4 INTs despite not taking over at QB until the middle of the season. He also carried the ball 14 times for 76 yards and 2 TDs. As a sophomore back-up QB, he completed 27 of 56 passes (48.21%) for 5 TDs, 4 INTs and a 89.31 QB rating and had 13 punts for a 31.54 average. He has good arm strength and is a talented all-around athlete. He is also a college basketball prospect but will play football in college. The Hazelwood schools always produce talent. He committed to Iowa in July. OFFERS: IA,IN,MO,MIN

108 Jock Sanders WR/RB 5'6 171 4.53 St. Petersburg Catholic Florida A First Team Class 2A selection as a junior, this undersized but quick (4.28 shuttle) versatiel performer had 133 carries for 1,398 yards (10.5 avg.) and 11 TDs, 22 receptions for 316 yards and 3 TDs and passed for 591 yards and 9 TDs while throwing just 1 INT. Also a great return man. Projects as a slotback in college. 1-FSWA-2A-AS (UT-OFF); 2-St. Petersburg Times:-Suncoast; 1-St. Petersburg Times-Pinellas County (UT-OFF) OFFERS: WKY,HOFSTRA,WVU,AUB,BALL ST,BG,PUR

109 Karon Robinson WR 6'1 180 4.56 Camden Catholic New Jersey Robinson transferred during the winter of 206 from Woodrow Wilson High to Camden Catholic. As a junior at Wilson, he caught 35 passes for 700 yards and 8 TDs. A former QB, he has excellent ball skills and playmaking ability. He has good height, excellent speed and can go up and grab the ball. Ranks right behind superstar Duval Kamara among then state's top receivers. Top 15 JRs-South Jersey (Winter 2006); PS Top 121 NJ JRs

110 Derek Moye WR 6'5 180 4.55 Rochester Pennsylvania Moye is a tall and lanky Wr with good athleticism. He will need to fill out to play in college. Excellent agility for his size (4.12 shuttle) and has a 30-inch vertical and nice hands. Played primarily RB as a junior and had 138 carries for 1,131 yards and 17 TDs. Also had 24 receptions for 536 yards and 9 TDs. As a sophomore, he was first team All-WPIAL Class A. Also plays basketball and runs the sprints in track (8th in the state in AA in the 400 meters with a time of 52.14). 19-PA (Keystone Recruiting May 22, 2006); 25-PA (Keystone Recruiting, April 13, 2006); Top 20 JRs-Western PA (Winter 2006); Top 63-PA-JRs (Keystone Recruiting-late January 2006); 2-Keystone Recruiting-All-State; 1-AP-A-AS (AP-DEF); 1-Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Terrific 25; 1-WPIAL Team (Keystone Recruiting); 1-Pittsburgh Tribune-Review-A-Area; Top 54 Western PA Underclassmen (October 25, 2005, Keystone Recruiting); HM-Keystone Recruiting-PS-Overall-AS OFFERS: PITT,TEMP,AKRON,MIA(OH)

111 Brandon Clear WR/DB 6'4 206 4.56 Hoover Alabama Brandon and his twin brother, Byron, have really emerged as D-I prospects during the 2006 combine circuit. He was named to the All-Combine team at the U.S. Army Combine in San Antonio. A tall, rangy and talented possession receiver with solid speed (4.56), quickness (4.47 shuttle) and leaping ability (36-inch vertical). He transferred to Williamsburg Jamestown in Virginia from Louisiana for his junior year. Will be playing his senior season at powerful Hoover. OFFERS: STAN,DUKE,SYR

112 Terrence White WR 6'1 180 4.50 Pickerington Central Ohio White is a bit of a sleeper on the national stage as he had to sit out his junor season due to a torn ACL. He's back to full health and playing basketball. He also runs track. A smooth and speedy WR with outstanding leaping ability. As a sophomore, he hauled in 41 passes for 735 yards and 6 TDs, returned 14 kicks for 363 yards and 1 TD, and returned 19 punts for 322 yards and 1 TD. He earned First Team All-District honors. He was very impressive at the 2005 Ohio State camp. His father, Terry, played for the Buckeyes. Top 11 WRs-OH-JRS (December); 4-WR-Jrs-OH (August 2005) OFFERS: MIA(OH),CMU,AKRON

113 Matt Ernest WR/DB 6'3 170 4.50 Crown Point Indiana Indiana Compared by many to former Purdue wideout John Standeford, Ernest is another tall talented possesion receiver to emerge from the Hoosier state. As a junior, Ernest had 18 receptions for 357 yards playing in just four games after returning from a broken colarbone suffered in the first game of the season. As a sophomore playing for Class 4A Crown Point, in 11 games had 47 receptions for 1,031 yards and 5 TDs and 5 INTs with one returned for a score. He tough, athletic (starts in basketball and baseball), tall and has pretty good speed. Could also play safety in college, but with his soft hands WR is his future. He committed to Indiana in July. HM-Bloomington Herald-Junior-AS (WR); Indiana Gridiron Digest 2005 Pre-season Fab 50 OFFERS: IN,BALLST

114 Ty Bynum WR 6'1 173 4.66 Conestoga Valley Pennsylvania Bynum enjoyed an exceptional junior season, hauling in 71 passes for 1,229 yards (17.3 avg.) and 10 TDs. He was named First Team AP Class AAAA All-State. Not a real burner but he can get separation, runs good routes, is athletic and has soft hands. Also plays basketball and runs track. 43-PA (Keystone Recruiting May 22, 2006); Top 20 JRs-Eastern PA (Winter 2006); Top 63-PA-JRs (Keystone Recruiting-late January 2006); 1-AP-AAAA-AS; 1-Keystone Recruiting-All-State

115 Shamaar Coates WR 6'0 174 4.40 Waynesport Pennsylvania Coates is a speedy, game-breaking receiver who has put up huge receiving numbers since his freshman year. As a freshman, he rushed for 600 yards, had 900 receiving yards and accounted for 24 TDs. As a sophomore, he had 55 receptions for 890 yards and rushed for an additional 244 yards, scoring a total of 10 TDs. As a junior he had 53 receptions for 831 yards. In addition to his great speed, he runs solid routes and has a reported 40-inch plus vertical. He needs to get stronger in order to get off of the line of scrimmage in college. He's also an outstanding baseball prospect who is receiving major league interest. 16-PA (Keystone Recruiting, April 13, 2006); Top 20 JRs-Eastern PA (Winter 2006); Top 63-PA-JRs (Keystone Recruiting-late January 2006)

116 Cameron Baker WR 5'11 159 4.38 Osceola Arkansas Baker is the younger brother of Arkansas receiver Chris Baker and some consider him to be a superior prospect to his brother. Speed is the name of his game. He's one of the fastest receivers in the southwest and stars in track. As a junior, Baker had 925 yards receiving and 18 scores. On defense, he recorded 46 tackles and 7 INTs. Arkansas offered him very early. One of the top 10 prospects in the state. 8-ARK-JRs (ARK – February 2006) OFFERS: ARK

117 Jasmine Dalton WR/DB 6'4 200 4.50 Independence Louisiana It's a very good year for wide receivers in Louisiana, so Dalton may be lost in the shuffle a bit, at least on the national stage. There's no doubting, however, that he is a legit SEC-caliber WR. He has a great frame, good speed and outstanding leaping ability. As a junior, he had 49 receptions for 733 yards and 6 TDs in earning First Team Class 3A All-State honors. He's a very physical player who could also project as a safety or OLB in college. He also stars in basketball. 3.0 GPA. 34-LA (Winter 2006); 6-LA (Dandy Don-January 2005); 3-AS; 1-LSWA-3A-AS; 1-District 9-3A OFFERS: MS

118 Romie Blaylock WR 5'9 160 4.45 Cedar Hill Texas Baylor Blaylock is one of many talented WRs in Texas this year. He has looked very good during the 2006 combine circuit, showing off his sprinter's speed in track (has run a 4.34). As a junior, he didn't put up great numbers as he was playing alongside a player who signed with Arkansas. As a sophomore, he had 33 catches for 500 yards. Surprisingly good blocker for his size. Fine student. He committed to Baylor in June. 61-JRS-TEX (Winter 2006); 76-JRS-TEX (December 2005); 2-District 7-5A (WR); Top 120 JuniorsTexas (Summer 2005) OFFERS: HOU,BAY,KANST,NMST,UTEP

119 Edwin Reed WR/DB 5'9 175 4.40 Destrehan Louisiana Edwin is the younger brother of All-Pro safety Ed Reed. As a junior, he had 34 receptions for 645 yards and 5 TDs. Projects as a slotback or CB in college. Star kick returner as a junior, where he was named First Team Class 5A All-State. Also stars in track and plays baseball. 29-LA (Winter 2006); 23-LA (Dandy Don-January 2005); 1-LSWA-5A-AS (RET); 1-District 5-5A (KR); 12-LA (September 2005) OFFERS: MS

120 Blake Swain WR/QB 6'0 180 Denver East Colorado Swain is a versatile athlete who projects as a WR despite primarily playing QB as a junior at East. He has exceptional quickness and possesses very good ball skills. Also starts in basketball.

121 Deaundre Muhamad WR/RB/ATH 6'1 180 4.50 Fort Wayne Harding Indiana Muhamad is a versatile and athletic performer who has played varsity ball for a pretty good program since his freshman year. As a junior, he played WR the first few games of the season and then moved to QB. He will play RB as senior as he is the team's best athlete and needs to get the ball in his hands. His projected college position, however, is WR due to his size, quickness and catching ability. His coach claims that he is an even better WR prospect than former Harding All-American Selwyn Lyman, which is saying a lot. HM-Bloomington Herald-Junior-AS (QB/PR)

122 Justin Daniels WR 6'2 195 4.43 Brenham Texas Houston Daniels is the sleeper receiver at Brenham for star QB Jaret Lee, not receiving the ink of TE Ahmard Howard and fellow WR Brandon Collins. He has, however, received some quality early offer. That's probably a result of four things: 1) His nice size; 2) His great strength (300 bench); 3) His speed; and 4) His productivity. As a junior, he caught 67 passes for 997 yards and 14 TDs. As a sophomore, he had 14 catches for 266 yards and 8 TDs. He committed to Houston in July. 86-JRS-TEX (December 2005); 1-District 18-4A (WR-unan.) OFFERS: KAN,WISC,TT,TCU,AZ,HOU

123 Roger Holland WR/DB 5'11 178 4.38 Houston Cypress Falls Texas Texas A&M Holland is a blazer (runs the sprints in track) with excellent athleticism. He has good strength (280 bench, 415 squat), excellent leaping ability (37-inch vertical), and great agility (4.12 shuttle as a soph). As a junior, he had 41 receptions for 620 yards and 6 TDs. On defense, he had about 60 tackles and 10 PBUs from his corner position. As a sophomore, he had 21 receptions for 440 yards and 8 TDs. He runs good routes and has excellent ball skills. Great student. He committed to Texas A&M in June. 2-District 17-5A (WR); Top 120 JuniorsTexas (Summer 2005) OFFERS: NW,A&M

124 Aaron Johnson WR/DB 5'11 170 4.48 Baton Rouge Southern Lab Louisiana Johnson is a sleeper who could play either WR or CB in college. He was impressive at the 2005 Ohio State summer camp and the Buckeyes were one of the first schools to offer. Has excellent speed (runs track) and soft hands. Needs to get stronger. Cousin of former college star and NFL WR Trumaine Johnson. OFFERS: OHST,AUB

125 Joseph Redding WR/DB 6'4 190 5.06 Long Beach Poly California Like fellow Poly rising senior WR Bryshon Nellum, as a junior Redding toiled away in relative anonymity behind star senior WRs Terrance Austin (UCLA) and Travon Patterson (USC), catching only 1 pass for 7 yards. Like Nellum, however, it is now his turn to shine at Poly. Redding is a tall and rangy WR with good size, athleticim and speedy enough to run track (200 and 400-meters) at Poly. Like Nellum, once he makes the rounds at camps and combines and has a chance to perform on the field watch for his stock to skyrocket.

126 Garrick Williams WR/DB 6'2 210 4.60 De Soto Texas Williams was the only sophomore to pay on the varsity on the talented De Soto team. As a junior, he had 19 receptions for 250 yards and 5 TDs. He has looked good on the 2006 combine circuit, showing of his solid build and soft hands. Williams has some nice early offers. Top 120 JuniorsTexas (Summer 2005) OFFERS: A&M,COLST,AZ

127 Carter Todd WR 6'2 183 4.68 Merced California Carter put up huge numbers catching the ball in 2005. He had 71 receptions for 1,068 yards (15.04 avg.) and 6 TDs. It certainly didn't hurt that he had his talented twin brother Logan throwing him the ball. He's a good athlete, but he really stands out as a result of his excellent receiving skills. He runs great routes, has soft hands and is an effective blocker. His nice height also helps. He also plays basketball and baseball. 3.6 GPA. Top 50-CA-JRs (Winter 2006); 2-CAL-Junior-AS (WR) OFFERS: NEV

128 Kenneth Whigham WR 6'2 205 4.50 Wayne County Mississippi Whigham is a unique receiver as he has great strength and bulk for a tall, high-leaping (claims a 39-inch vertical) and speedy end. He can really roll over defenders at the line of scrimmage. One of the top receivers in Mississippi. 1-MFCA-4A-AS; Jackson Clarion-Ledger Pre-season 38 Juniors to Watch OFFERS: SMS

129 Daidren Hill WR 6'2 180 4.65 Springfield Rutherford Florida For some reason, as of April Hill had not received the recruiting ink that he deserves. As a sophomore, he had over 1,000 yards receiving for a strong program. He followed that up with an outstanding junior season, recording 40 receptions for 1,100 yards and 6 TDs. He added 4 INTs on defense. He was named Honorable Mention Class 4A All-State as a utility back. He has nice size and good hands but lacks top-line speed . One of the better receivers in Florida. HM-FSWA-4A-AS (UT)

130 Demetrius Woods WR/QB/ATH 6'2 170 4.50 Houston Lamar Texas Woods is a dual-threat prep QB who is being recruited by some schools as a QB and by other schools as an athlete. I like him best as a WR due to his nice size, speed, quickness and ball skills. As a junior, he completed 45 of 76 passes for 1,312 yards, 15 TDs and 5 INTs. He also carried the ball 51 times for 338 yards and 5 TDs. As a sophomore, he completed 71 of 127 passes for 1,361 yards, 18 TDs and 10 interceptions. He also carried the ball 88 times for 510 yards (5.8ypc) and 7 TDs. 83-JRS-TEX (Winter 2006); 67-JRS-TEX (December 2005); Top 120 JuniorsTexas (Summer 2005); 1-District 21-5A (QB) OFFERS: UTEP,HOU,KAN,UTAH

131 Tyler Melton WR 6'2 185 4.45 Houston Langham Creek Texas Georgia Tech Melton is a smooth, and fast receiver who enjoyed a very productive junior season in registering 70 receptions for 936 yards and 15 TDs. He was a Third Team Class 5A All-State selection. Also plays basketball and runs the 200-meters in track. He has decent strength (250 bench, 330 squat), a good vertical (33-inches) and runs solid routes. He committed to Georgia Tech in June. 1--Greater Houston 5A-Area; 1-District 17-5A OFFERS: IAST,AIR FORCE

132 Dominic Magazu WR/DB 6'2 190 4.65 Charlotte Providence North Carolina Boston College Magazu is a solid possession receiver who has a nice frame, soft hands and runs good routes. As a junior, he had 28 receptions for 575 yards and 7 TDs despite suffering a broken collarbone late in the season. On defense, he had 55 tackles and 6 INTs and was named All-Area by the Charlotte Obsberver. As a sophomore, he had 23 receptions for 546 yards and five scores. His father is the OL coach for the Carolina Panthers and used to coach at Boston College. It therefore came as no surprise when he committed to Boston College in April. 29-NC (Winter 2006); Top 50-NC-JRs (Winter 2006); 1-Charlotte Observer-Area (DB); 1-Charlotte Observer-Mecklenburg (DB) OFFERS: KENTST,BC

133 O.J. Woodard WR/DB/P/PK 6'4 200 4.40 Pompton Lakes New Jersey Woodard is a versatile and athletic performer, possessing a great frame for a WR and very good speed (18th in the state in the 200-meters as a sophomore). As a junior, he was named Second Team AP All-State. A two-way star, as a junior he had 35 receptions for 609 yards and 10 TDs, had 11 carries for 155 yards and 1 TD, registered 31 tackles and 6 INTs, and was 6 for 8 on field goals, including two forty-yarders. Also plays basketball. One of the top five WRs in the state. 2-AP-AS (WR); 1-Herald News-Area (North Jersey); PS Top 121 NJ JRs OFFERS: CMU,SYR,PU

134 Vincent Hill WR/DB 5'11 180 4.47 Fort Washington Friendly Maryland Akron A Second Team Big School All-State selection as a junior, Hill has gotten bigger and faster over the past year and has positioned himself as perhaps the region's second best receiver after All-Everything Arrelious Benn. As a junior, he had 42 receptions for 879 yards and 11 TDs. As a sophomore, he had 42 receptions and 10 TDs. He's not a burner, but he runs excellent routes, isn't afraid to go across the middle, has soft hands and plays physical. He committed to Akron in June. 2-Big School-AS; HM-Washington Post-Metro; 3-PS-Dream Team OFFERS: PITT,TEMP,AKRON,UCONN,KENT ST,COL

135 Dandrick Weatherby WR 6'1 176 4.69 Kosciusko Mississippi Weatherby is a bit of a sleeper as he played for a run-oriented team that, when throwing the ball, had Mississippi signee Terry Levy as the top target. He lacks top-drawer speed but has great hands, decent quicks (4.34 shuttle), a 31-inch vertical, runs fine routes and has excellent ball skills. OFFERS: LSU

136 Chris Tuck WR 6'5 197 4.50 Dallas Hillcrest Texas Kansas A First Team District 10-4A selection as a junior after posting 27 receptions for 357 yards and 6 TDs. Has great size for a WR and also pretty good speed. He committed to Kansas in May. 1-District 10-4A (WR) OFFERS: KAN,AZ

137 John Turner WR 5'11 195 4.40 South Garland Texas Turner is a thick and speedy WR who possesses excellent hands and a quick burst off of the line of scrimmage. As a junior, he had 27 receptions for 357 yards and 2 TDs. OFFERS: MO,KANST,IN,OKST

138 Brandon King WR 6'6 190 4.60 Columbia Ridge View South Carolina King is a tall and rangy WR prospect who has emerged during the spring evaluation period as one of the better receivers in the state. Has been a bit lost in the shuffle as he played as a sophomore at Ridge View, as a junior in Missouri and is now back in South Carolina. Has good 4.6 speed, a 32-inch vertical and good ball skills (also plays basketball). Scouts love his size.

139 Damien Davis WR/DB 6'4 180 4.62 Mart Texas Oklahoma State Davis is a three-sport star who earned First Team All-State honors in basketball and football and long jumped 21'10'' as a sophomore. As a sophomore safety he recorded 8 interceptions but many schools like him as a WR due to his nice size, leaping abilit and ball skills. Wants to play both basketball and football in college. He committed to Oklahoma State in July. OFFERS: BAY,KANST,OKST

140 Gil Roberts WR/DB 6'1 176 4.50 Oklahoma City Millwood Oklahoma Roberts is one of the better skill athletes in the Sooner state and plays for a smaller school that has produced quite a bit of D-1 talent over the years. He has looked good during the 2006 combine circuit. Could play either WR or CB in college due to his blazing speed and nice hips. Also runs track. Was a bit of a sleeper entering spring evaluation as he only played four games as a junior due to an injury. OFFERS: BAY,KANST,WASH

141 Rashad Hawk WR 6'3 180 4.40 Copperas Cove Texas Texas Tech Hawk has a nice combination of size, speed and leaping ability (31-inch vertical). As a junior, he earned First Team All-District 13-5A honors after catching 25 passes for 405 yards and 5 TDs. One of the top receivers in Central Texas. He committed to Texas Tech in June. 1-District 13-5A OFFERS: TT,BAY,UTEP

142 Ezra Millington WR 6'1 175 4.55 Huron Heights Canada One of the top prospects in Canada. Has looked good at several U.S. and Canadian combines. Not a burner, but has excellent quickness (4.18 shuttle) and leaping ability and runs nice routes. 21 Canada Underclassmen to Watch

143 Brandon Carswell WR/DB 6'1 172 4.54 Milpitas California OFFERS: IDAHO,ORE,UNLV

144 Jordan Pendleton WR 6'2 190 South Jordan Bingham Utah BYU 2-Salt Lake Tribune-5A-AS; 2-Salt Lake Deseret MN-5A-AS OFFERS: BYU

145 Sidney Haynes WR 6'4 195 4.57 Suwanee Peachtree Ridge Georgia Central Florida Top 75 GA (Winter 2006) OFFERS: BALL ST,GT,CFLA,CMU,IN,KY,ECAR,LOU

146 David Roberts WR 6'0 174 4.50 Rancho Cucamonga California Arizona OFFERS: COLST,IDAHO,AZ

147 Devon Wylie WR 5'9 177 4.45 Granite Bay California

148 Rashad Mason WR 6'5 225 Nashville Pearl-Cohn Tennessee

149 Cornelius Robinson WR 6'5 190 Houston Wheatley Texas 1-District 22-4A (WR); 2-District 22-4A (DB) OFFERS: BAY,AZ,LA-LAF,LA-MON

150 Krystopher Buerck WR 5'10 159 4.50 Mesquite Texas Baylor OFFERS: BAY

151 Abe Satterfield WR/DB 6'1 185 4.40 Erie Cathedral Prep Pennsylvania Iowa OFFERS: BG,IA

152 Torrey Smith WR/DB/QB 6'2 175 4.65 Stafford Virginia Maryland

153 Devin Veal WR/ATH 5'11 162 4.75 Sierra Vista Buena Arizona Arizona HM-Tucson Arizona Star-Southern Arizona-4A/5A OFFERS: BOISE ST,UTEP,AZ,OREST

154 Brandon Walker WR/DB 6'3 180 Crawfordville Wakulla Florida 10-FLA-JRs (Fall 2005))

155 Patrick Terry WR 6'0 180 4.50 South Boston Halifax County Virginia Virginia Tech OFFERS: VT

156 Jeshua Anderson WR/DB 6'2 178 4.68 Woodland Hills Taft California

157 Tramain Swindall WR 6'2 163 Oklahoma City Millwood Oklahoma Texas Tech OFFERS: KANST,MO,TT

158 Jason Barnes WR 6'4 192 4.72 Charlotte Independence North Carolina OFFERS: SCAR

159 Crosby Tuck WR 6'1 175 4.43 Springdale Shiloh Christian Arkansas Arkansas 13-40-ARK-JRs (ARK – February 2006) OFFERS: TROY,CENFLA,ARKST,ARK

160 Ervin Jefferson WR/DB 6'1 181 4.72 Houston Furr Texas UTEP 89-JRS-TEX (Winter 2006); 84-JRS-TEX (December 2005); 1-District 21-4A (WR & DB); Top 120 JuniorsTexas (Summer 2005) OFFERS: HOU,NEB,UTEP

161 David Martini WR/TE/DB 6'1 205 4.56 Los Gatos California HM-San Francisco Chronicle-Metro; 2-San Jose Mercury News-Area

162 Ryan Kessman WR 5'11 192 4.74 San Jacinto California BYU 1-CIF-Division XI-Southern Section (WR); 1-Riverside Press-Enterprise-PS-Area OFFERS: BYU

163 Taylor Malm WR/DB/RB 5'9 178 4.50 Thousand Oaks California

164 Waynelle Gravesande WR 5'11 170 4.40 Irvington New Jersey Purdue OFFERS: NMST,ECAR,MICHST,HOFSTRA,CIN,PUR

165 Jack Freeman WR/RB 5'10 165 4.40 Houston Cypress Falls Texas 70-JRS-TEX (Winter 2006); 58-JRS-TEX (December 2005-RB); 2-District 17-5A (WR&KR); Top 120 JuniorsTexas (Summer 2005) OFFERS: NW,UTEP,MO,TEMP

166 Demarcus Fox WR 6'0 178 4.43 Calhoun County Mississippi Jackson Clarion-Ledger Pre-season 38 Juniors to Watch OFFERS: x

167 Eric Hagg WR/DB 6'1 192 4.63 Glendale Ironwood Arizona Top 150 AZ (Spring 2006); 1-5A2-AS (DB) OFFERS: OREST,NEV,UNLV

168 Malcolm Lindsey WR 6'2 185 4.52 San Antonio Lee Texas OFFERS: UTEP,ILLST,SMU,TULSA,TT

169 Lydarius Friend WR 6'4 206 4.78 New Market Buckhorn Alabama OFFERS: ARK,LOU

170 Chris Tate WR/DB/RB 6'0 178 4.50 Hempstead Texas Baylor 73-JRS-TEX (Winter 2006); Top 120 JuniorsTexas (DB; Summer 2005) OFFERS: BAY,HOU

171 Kawika Emsley-Pai WR/DB/P 6'0 180 4.50 Mill Creek Jackson Washington Top 8 WA WRs (Winter 2006); 70 WASH JRs to Watch (WASH – February 5, 2006-WR); 1-AP-4A-AS (AP-OFF); 2-Washington Preps-4A-AS (WR); 1-Seattle Star-Times-Area UT); 1-Wesco South (WR); 2-Wesco South (DB & P) OFFERS: x

172 Vincent Brown WR/DB 5'11 174 4.50 Rancho Cucamonga California San Diego State OFFERS: AZ,UTEP,SDST

173 Dan Ifft WR/DB/QB 6'3 180 4.50 Dover Ohio Top 11 WRs-OH-JRS (December); HM-Ohio News Network-AS (WR); 8-QB-Jrs-OH (August 2005) OFFERS: BALL ST

174 Tray Herndon WR/DB 6'0 175 4.45 Jacksonville Bolles Florida OFFERS: LOU,WMU

175 Alvin Logan WR/DB 6'2 190 4.50 Aurora Regis Jesuit Colorado OFFERS: AZ,NMST

176 Brett Moncrief WR 6'3 180 4.49 North Little Rock Arkansas 7-ARK-JRs (ARK – February 2006)

177 Erik Martin WR 6'5 190 Houston Chavez Texas 35-JRS-TEX (Winter 2006) OFFERS: TEX ST

178 Duran Jefferson WR/QB/ATH 6'1 180 4.50 Covington Holmes Kentucky Kentucky KFCA Tremendous 26 seniors (May 2006); HM-LouisvilleCourier-Journal-AS (DB); 1-Northern Kentucky OFFERS: KY

179 Curenski Gilleylen WR/DB/QB 5'11 192 4.53 Leander Texas 1-District 15-5A (WR) OFFERS: UTEP,RICE,MO,PUR

180 Kelvin Cheatum WR 6'3 182 4.50 Mount Pleasant Texas 57-JRS-TEX (Winter 2006); 38-JRS-TEX (December 2005)

181 Michael Scarlett WR/DB 6'2 174 4.50 Albuquerque Sandia New Mexico New Mexico 1-Albuquerque Tribune-Metro OFFERS: NMEX

182 Brandon Venson WR 6'4 200 Glen Ellyn Glenbard West Illinois

183 Jeff Austin WR/DB 6'1 175 4.50 Lansing Everett Michigan 1-Lansing State Journal-Area OFFERS: IN

184 C.J. Oakley WR 6'3 212 4.62 Las Cruces Onate New Mexico OFFERS: NMEX,NMST

185 Seth Skogen WR 6'4 215 4.63 Chattanooga Temple Academy Tennessee 1-TSWA-1A-AS (WR)

186 Jeremy Cloud WR/DB 6'1 180 4.50 Tuskegee Booker T. Washington Alabama

187 Darrell Catchings WR 6'1 185 4.50 Escondido California Oregon State OFFERS: OREST

188 Brandon Kinnie WR 6'3 195 4.59 Grandview Missouri 1-MSS-4A-AS; 3-MFCA-4A-AS; 1-Kansas City Star-Metro

189 Maxwell Lacy WR 6'2 190 4.75 Los Angeles Verbum Dei California

190 Stacy Williams WR/DB/QB 6'1 180 4.40 Houston Yates Texas Baylor 2-District 22-4A (WR) OFFERS: BAY,LOU-LAF,UTEP

191 Wesley Caldwell WR 6'2 170 4.47 Lexington Catholic Kentucky 3-LouisvilleCourier-Journal-AS; 1-Lexington Herald-Leader-City (WR) OFFERS: NMST,TROY,MIDTENST,KY

192 Jacoby Franks WR/DB 6'2 175 4.50 West-Orange Stark Texas Texas Tech 87-JRS-TEX (Winter 2006); 68-JRS-TEX (December 2005) OFFERS: HOU,TT

193 Lionel Breaux WR 5'11 183 4.41 Baton Rouge Southern Lab Louisiana 75-LA (Dandy Don-January 2005); 1-District 7-1A OFFERS: MS

194 Tyrone Somerset WR 5'11 151 Miami Jackson Florida

195 Daniel Blackledge WR 6'1 175 4.55 Colorado Springs Palmer Colorado 1-America League (5A) OFFERS: WASHST

196 Robert Perry WR 5'10 180 4.48 Humble Texas

197 Dayon Arrington WR/DB 6'2 186 4.66 Burtonsville Paint Branch Maryland Montgomery County Class 3A/2A/1A Players to Watch

198 Mose Denton WR 6'1 172 4.47 Lakewood Mayfair California

199 Andre Johnson WR 6'4 200 Detroit Cooley Michigan HM-News-Detroit (E)

200 Scotty Ebert WR 5'11 180 4.50 Salt Lake City Jordan Utah BYU OFFERS: BYU

201 Quintin Collins WR/DB 6'4 195 4.60 Miami Northwestern Florida OFFERS: SFLA,RUT

202 Rashad Tukes WR/DB 6'3 168 4.56 Riverdale Georgia Top 60-JRs-GA (Winter 2006); Top 75 GA (Winter 2006); HM-Atlanta JC-Clayton/Henry (WR & DB) OFFERS: KY,KENT ST

203 Moses Gilchrist WR/DB 6'2 190 Los Angeles Marshall California

204 Amir Morris WR/DB 6'1 180 4.40 Irvington New Jersey PS Top 121 NJ JRs OFFERS: KANST

205 Timothy Cortazzo WR/DB 6'1 178 4.42 Harrison City Penn-Trafford Pennsylvania 42-PA (Keystone Recruiting May 22, 2006); 1-Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Terrific 25; HM-WPIAL (Keystone Recruiting); Top 54 Western PA Underclassmen (October 25, 2005, Keystone Recruiting); HM-Keystone Recruiting-PS-Overall-AS; HM-Keystone Recruiting-PS-WPIAL OFFERS: AKRON,TEMP

206 Stanley Jones WR/DB 6'0 176 4.47 Dothan Houston Academy Alabama 1-ASWA-2A-AS (DB); 1-Montgomery Advertiser-2A-AS (DB); Alabama North-South Junior All-Star Game OFFERS: TROY,MEMPHIS

207 Terrance Fox WR/DB 5'9 165 Piscataway New Jersey

208 Austin Kelly WR 6'3 195 4.45 South Cobb Georgia OFFERS: DUKE

209 Chris Lorditch WR/PK/P 6'3 172 4.51 Philadelphia Archbishop Wood Pennsylvania 2-AP-AAAA-AS (PK); 1-Philadelphia-Inquirer-Southeastern PA (P) OFFERS: JAMES MAD,SYR

210 Tomaz Hilton WR 6'3 190 4.68 Youngstown Rayen Ohio

211 Cordero Smith WR 6'4 190 4.50 Phenix City Central Alabama OFFERS: MS

212 Rolando Dyer WR/DB 6'1 163 4.63 Lawrenceville Central Gwinnett Georgia OFFERS: IN

213 Austin Tolliver WR 5'10 146 4.70 Shreveport Captain Shreve Louisiana 38-LA (Winter 2006); 101-136-LA (Dandy Don-January 2005); 1-AS; 1-LSWA-4A-AS OFFERS: NMST,HAWAII

214 Darryl Freeney WR/DB 5'10 171 4.65 Suffolk Nansemond River Virginia East Carolina 9-South Hampton Roads (May, 10, 2006- The Virginian-Pilot); 2-Southeastern District (WR) OFFERS: AKRON,ECAR

215 Josh Herron WR 5'10 190 4.50 Monroe Ohio OFFERS: MIA(OH),AKRON,CIN,OHIO,BALL ST

216 Deante Steele WR/RB/DB 5'7 170 4.40 Woodbridge Potomac Virginia

217 Alex Sandvig WR 6'0 172 4.64 West Des Moines Valley Iowa Iowa State 2-Class 4A-CIML-Conference (WR) OFFERS: IAST

218 Develin Robinson WR/DB 6'0 175 Land O' Lakes Florida 1-St. Petersburg Times:-Suncoast; 1-Tampa Tribune-Pasco County; 1-St. Petersburg Times-Pasco County

219 Austin Pettis WR 6'3 185 4.60 Orange Lutheran California ; 15-WR-Southern Section (LA Times-August 2005)

220 Brandon Besant WR/DB 4.41 Windsor ..... Canada

221 Akeem Foster WR 6'5 212 4.71 Ajax Oshawa Canada

222 Rishard Matthews WR 6'0 186 4.50 Clovis New Mexico UTEP OFFERS: UTEP

223 Eric Greenwood WR 6'6 185 4.60 Edmonds-Woodway Washington Top 8 WA WRs (Winter 2006); 1-WesCo South (WR)

224 Marquez Strickland WR 6'1 196 4.50 Opelika Alabama Alabama North-South Junior All-Star Game

225 Udom Umoh WR 5'11 175 4.47 Fort Valley Peach County Georgia Vanderbilt OFFERS: VANDY

226 Virgil Hill WR/DB 5'11 158 Valencia California 1-Los Angeles Daily News-Santa Clarita Valley (WR); 2-Santa Clara Valley (WR)

227 Greg Stewart WR/DB 5'10 160 4.40 Corsicana Texas Baylor OFFERS: BAY

228 Frankie Gonzales WR/DB/QB 6'2 185 Tucson Cholla Arizona Top 150 AZ (Spring 2006-QB)

229 Jordan Smith WR 6'4 187 4.55 Spanish Fork Utah BYU OFFERS: BYU

230 Michael Avila WR/DB 5'10 165 Seaside California 2-San Jose Mercury News-Area (WR) OFFERS: PORTST,SJST

231 Fitzgerald Bobo WR/DB/QB 6'4 200 4.55 Duquesne Pennsylvania Top 20 JRs-Western PA (Winter 2006); Top 63-PA-JRs (Keystone Recruiting-late January 2006); 1-Pittsburgh Tribune-Review-A-Area (DB) OFFERS: DEL,TEMP,WVU

232 Chad Alexander WR 6'3 185 4.50 Lake Wales Florida Central Florida OFFERS: CENFLA

233 Justin Bell WR 6'2 180 Houston Chavez Texas OFFERS: CFLA,UTAHST,TEX ST,HOU

234 David Wurst WR 6'1 189 4.54 Lake Orion Michigan x

235 Bryant Thomas WR/ATH/QB 6'2 190 4.60 Cincinnati Withrow Ohio Top 11 WRs-OH-JRS (December); 10-WR-Jrs-OH (August 2005)

236 Rodney Haddix WR/DB 6'3 200 4.60 Georgetown Scott County Kentucky KFCA Tremendous 26 seniors (May 2006); 50 of Kentucky's top players (PS-Louisville CJ-just 8 Juniors listed)

237 Calvin Mann WR/TE/DB 5'11 189 4.70 Farmington Hills Harrison Michigan

238 Travionte Session WR/DB 6'3 154 4.56 Long Beach Poly California

239 Ryan Dixon WR/DB 6'1 175 4.50 Tampa Wharton Florida 91-FLA-JRs (Winter 2006); HM-Tampa Tribune-Hillsborough County OFFERS: EMU,MASS

240 Josh Cooper WR/DB 6'0 165 4.50 Mustang Oklahoma Top 20-OK-JRs ( 31, 2006); (WR) OFFERS: COLST

241 Richie Henderson WR 6'1 175 4.60 Daphne Alabama OFFERS: TROY

242 Brandon Bostic WR 6'3 205 West Florence South Carolina 7-WR-SCAR (Spring 2006)

243 Bront Bird WR 6'4 201 Odessa Permian Texas 2-District 3-5A (WR & S)

244 Jonathan Gholston WR 6'2 185 4.58 Louisville Ballard Kentucky

245 Robinson Alexis WR 6'1 160 4.40 West Boca Raton Florida 29-Palm Beach County JRs (November 2005)

246 Phillip Dokes WR 6'6 205 4.70 North Little Rock Arkansas 13-40-ARK-JRs (ARK – February 2006)

247 Julian Talley WR/DB 6'2 182 4.50 Sicklerville Winslow Township New Jersey Top 15 JRs-South Jersey (Winter 2006); Jersey

248 Desmon Marrs WR/DB 6'3 175 4.55 Houston Jersey Village Texas 91-JRS-TEX (Winter 2006); 53-JRS-TEX (December 2005); 2-District 17-5A (WR); Top 120 JuniorsTexas (Summer 2005)

249 Tye Wright WR/QB/ATH 6'0 190 Columbia Richland Northeast South Carolina

250 Walter Hill WR 6'4 210 4.60 Gainesville East Hall Georgia Top 75 GA (Winter 2006); 1-GSWA-AA-AS (WR); 1-Atlanta JC-AA-AS (RET)

251 James Carter WR 5'10 161 4.56 Moreno Valley Canyon Springs California Utah UTAH

252 Alan Schmaltz WR 6'2 185 4.63 Rapid City Central South Dakota Argus Leader Elite 45

253 Travis Griffin WR 5'11 185 Patterson Louisiana

254 Michael Ryce WR 6'4 200 Harvey Thornton Township Illinois

255 Charles Brown WR 5'10 186 4.56 Maple Heights Ohio OHIO U.,BG

256 Brian Heis WR 6'5 207 Humble Kingwood Texas 2-District 22-5A-Zone A (WR) OKST

257 Ricky Cookman WR 5'11 174 4.70 Clackamas Oregon Portland Oregonian Top 88 Juniors (April 19, 2006); 1-Three Rivers (4A)

258 Marquese Ray WR 6'0 173 4.75 Wayne County Mississippi Jackson Clarion-Ledger Pre-season 38 Juniors to Watch

259 David Fox WR/DB 6'1 174 4.72 Muskegon Heights Michigan x

260 Marcus King WR/DB 6'3 185 4.55 Jacksonville Arkansas

261 Roy-Al Edwards WR/DB 6'1 185 4.40 Strath Haven Pennsylvania VANDY

262 Jerry Duncan WR 6'0 175 4.50 Petal Mississippi 1-Hattiesburg American-Area (WR)

263 Kashif Moore WR 5'9 162 4.47 Burlington Township New Jersey Connecticut TEMP,UCONN

264 Jordan Williams WR 6'2 169 4.50 Jacksonville Raines Florida Wake Forest WAKE

265 Glenn Miller WR 5'10 180 Indianapolis Cathedral Indiana

266 Raphael Thomas WR 5'9 170 4.45 Lufkin Texas RICE

267 Donte Boston WR/DB 6'1 175 4.60 Richmond Varina Virginia HM-Richmond Times-Dispatch-Metro; 1-Capital District (WR) BALLST,TEMP

268 Ben Johnson WR/DB 6'4 205 4.64 Shoreland Lutheran Wisconsin Northern Illinois 18-WISC-JRs (Winter 2006) NILL


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