Thursday, November 02, 2006

Class of 2009 Watch

Drew Little QB 6'5 230 McDonough Henry County Georgia

Little has emerged as one of the top sophomores in Georgia. This strong-armed QB combines great size with solid athleticism and excellent arm strength. He throws a tight spiral and has the advantage of being able to hook up with stud Class of 2008 WR Chris Jackson. Has passed for over 1,000 yards as of late October. Receiving early interest from some of the South's top programs.

Larry Caper II RB 5'11 190 Battle Creek Central Michigan

Caper saw early varsity playing time as a freshman at BCC and followed that up with a solid sophomore start (467 yards, 8 TDs) despite going down with a season-ending shoulder injury and sharing carries with blue-chip senior FB Brandon Reynolds and talented junior RB Bill Young. His father starred at BCC back in the 1980s. Capers really made a name for himself at the 2006 Michigan summer camp, where this tall and lean back showed surprising quickness and speed for a mere freshman. A prospect who will receive numerous early offers.

Walter Grayson WR/DL 6'6 210 Northport Tuscaloosa County Alabama

Grayson played freshman ball in 2005 and led his team to an unbeaten season playing both WR & DE. As a sophomore, this tall and athletic end is starring on the varsity. He has an excellent frame and could eventually fill out as either a TE or DE. For a big kid he has a quick first step, is pretty aggressive off the ball and shows nice, soft hands. Has the potential to be really special.

Brad Slusher TE 6'1 216 5.34 Pineville Bell County Kentucky

Brad is the younger brother of Auburn verbal commmitment Brent Slusher and has the ability to develop into a blue-chip prospect down the road as well. He's a nice-sized TE who looked pretty good during th 2006 camp and combine circuit. He should get faster over the next couple of years and emerge as one of the better prospects in Kentucky's Class of 2009.

Patrick Lewis OL/DL 6'0 290 Reserve East St. John Louisiana

East St. John regularly produces blue-chip talent and Lewis is one of several very talented Class of 2009 players at the school. He is starting as a sophomore at OT but could project on the DL in college. Was very impressive at the 2005 LSU sumer camp. Very strong and plays with great leverage.

Sheldon Richardson DL/TE 6'3 245 St. Louis Gateway Tech Missouri

Richardson is one of the top Class of 2009 prospects in St. Louis. He was used primarily on offense as a freshman but will play more on defense his sophomore year. He has nice size and runs very well. His brother plays at Southeast Missouri. He is already being recruited by Kansas and some other D-1 programs.

Serge Kona LB 5'11 195 Gaithersburg Maryland

Kona is a talented young LB prospect and one of several talented underclassmen at Gaithersburg. He is still growing and will probably fill out at over 220 pounds by the time he enters college. Not bad for a youngster who was the fastest sophomore linebacker at the University of Maryland camp this summer.

Alex Mascarenas DB 5'10 175 Mission Viejo California

Mascarenas is a rare sophomore starter for the strong Mission Viejo program. He is a very smooth and athletic DB with nice hips and a smooth back-peddle. Has a great feel for the game. Should be a big-timer in a couple of years.


At 8:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That serge Kona kid is one of the most special players i've seen in MD for atleast 10 years much better than his previous brothers

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