Friday, January 26, 2007

Class of 2008: Some Elite Offensive Linemen (Part II)

Kyle Long OL/DL 6'7 280 4.80 Charlottesville St. Anne's-Belfield Virginia

One of the nation’s elite offensive linemen……..Great height and frame with excellent quickness and agility. Has the athleticism to play on either side of the ball in high school, but with his great frame and wingspan is ideally suited for the LT position…..Plays low for a big guy, bending his knees well and showing the quickness to block through the DL and get to the next level of defense. Very effective blocking in open space…...He has outstanding bloodlines. His father, Howie Long, is a former All-Pro DT and his older brother, Chris Long, plays DE at Virginia……His sophomore season was his first year of prep football as he was rehabbing his knee as a freshman due to some growth problems……Also a star left-handed pitcher in baseball with a 92 mph fastball. As a sophomore, he had a 6-1 record and an ERA under 2.00. He also hit .481 with 37 RBI and six home runs in leading his team to the state title. He is a major league baseball prospect……2.7 GPA…..Had 15 offers as of early January 2007, including such powers as Oho State, Notre Dame, Florida and Florida State. Also has some Division I offers in baseball.

Stephen Good OL 6'5 265 5.06 Paris Texas

One of the nation’s top linemen and has the versatility and athleticism to ply OG or OT in college, although most like him as a LT…..A First Team AP Class 4A All-Stater as a junior, Good graded out at 93 percent in addition to posting 87 pancakes, and allowing no sacks. In fact, he has not given up a sack since his freshman year…..Also named Offensive Lineman of the Year for his district and First Team All-East Texas……Was already an eight game starter as a freshman…….One of the top players in northeast Texas…………Impressed at Oklahoma (only beaten once in one-on-one pass rushes) and Texas 2006 summer camps……..Very effective both run and pass-blocking. Very physical and a great finisher. Excellent combination of footwork, long arms and strength (425-pound bench press)…….Very imnpressive at the 2006 Texas A&M Nike camp, running a 5.06 40-yard dash and a 4.49 time in the shuttle, in addition to 32 reps on the bench press and a 26-inch vertical…….Was approaching double-digit offers by mid-January 2007, including such top programs as Oklahoma, Nebraska and Texas A&M.

Michael Brewster OL 6'6 280 5.10 Orlando Edgewater Florida

Many feel that Mike is the top offensive lineman in Florida……An Orlando Sentinel First Team All-Central Florida selection as a junior…..From a program that has produced some outstanding talent in recent years, including Michigan WR Greg Matthews and Florida pledge Lorenzo Edwards………..Helped lead the way for an outstanding running game in 2006 after transferring into Edgewater from a small private school……..Very impressive at the 2006 Ohio State ad Michigan camps…..Looked very good as a center prospect at the U.S. Army Combine, although many also project him as an outstanding college guard…..He’s very quick off the ball and really plays low and gets effective leverage when blocking defensive linemen….Very athletic, he also plays basketball and lives in the weight room…..Looks very impressive on film. He has a great body with powerful calves, long and powerful arms and very little body fat. Moves very well and is effective getting to the second line of defense. His motor is always running. Nice technique……A great student who is on schedule to graduate from high school in December 2007…..As of mid-January 2007 he had double digit offers, including such programas as Ohio State, Miami, Michigan, Florida , Florida State and Tennessee.

Baker Steinkuhler OL/DL 6'6 270 4.93 Lincoln Southwest Nebraska Nebraska

One of the nation’s top overall linemen and possibly the top prospect in Nebraska…..Two-way star who recorded 94 tackles as a junior in earning consensus First Team All-State honors on the defensive side of the ball…….Has been a starter since his freshman season……Projects on the OL in college……Rare combination of size, speed (4.93 combine forty) and quickness (great shuttle at U.S. Army Combine)……Great bloodlines, as his father, Dean Steinkuhler, was an All-American center at Nebraska…..His coach has had a couple of players go on to the NFL and says that Baker is a superior prospect to both of them…..He committed to Nebraska in September 2006.

Khaled Holmes OL/DL 6'5 285 5.30 Santa Ana Mater Dei California

One of the nation’s elite OL prospects……Khaled is a man-child of a prospect who earned First Team All-Area honors from such publications as the Los Angeles Times and Orange County Register in addition to being named First Team Junior All-State……Plays for a powerful program that regularly produces top-flight talent (only high school school to have two Heisman winners as alumni) and was a rare sophomore starter for Mater Dei……Fine bloodlines, as older brother Alex was a TE at USC and his father, Mike Holmes, was a starting DE for the late Bo Schembechler at Michigan in the mid-1970s. In addition, Pttsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu is married to Holmes' sister………Has great footwork and speed. Also uses his hands very well in pass protection from his LT spot. Tremendous pass blocker and is improving his run blocking. Well coached……..Very intense on the field, showing a nasty streak, and he just loves the game……Also plays some DE…..Already bigger than older brother Alex….3.5 GPA......As of late 2006 he already had early offers from such programs as Nebraska and Mississippi


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