Sunday, November 05, 2006

Class of 2009 Watch

Ronnie Wingo RB 6'2 190 4.40 St. Louis University Missouri

Wingo really exploded onto the scene as a sophomore, carrying the ball 262 times for 1419 yards (5.4 ypc) and 11 TDs through his team's first ten games. He is a tall, long-striding runner who has the speed to get to the corner and go the distance. Wingo finished fourth in the Missouri Class 4 100-meter dash (10.84 seconds) and seventh in the 200 (22.11) as a freshman. Could wind up converting to WR in high school if he gets any taller. One of the top young prospects in the midlands.

Jevon Reynolds WR 6'1 170 Denver South Colorado

Reynolds made a name for himself as a freshman, starting both ways for South (a 5A school, Colorado'S highest classification) and earning Second Team Denver Prep League honors as a WR. He was also very impressive at the 2006 Colorado summer camp. He's putting up great numbers as a sophomore (in one recent game he had 5 receptions for 120 yards and a TD). He has a nice frame and great quickness for a wide receiver, with the jets and moves to be able to easily get separation from prep DBs. Once he fills out and gets stronger he should emerge as one of the elite prospects in Colorado.

Ben Reimer TE/DL 6'3 200 Gig Harbor Washington

Reimer is a nice-looking TE prospect who has the size, frame and athleticim to project as a D-1 rercuit down the road. He has nice, soft hands and runs pretty well. Has the sort of frame that should really fill out.

Ryan Mulitalo OL 6'3 280 West Valley City Hunter Utah

Mulitalo should emerge as one of the very best prospects in Utah in a couple of years. His older brother, Ray, is a senior and also a D-1 prospect but Ryan should be a true blue-chipper down the road. He has ideal size for an offensive guard or DT, shows excellent quickness off the ball and is very athletic for a lineman. Very, very strong. He also has a nasty streak on the field.

Marcus Hall OL/DL 6'5 287 5.84 Cleveland Glenville Ohio

Hall is yet another super prospect to emerge out of the talent-laden Glenville program (think Troy Smith and Ted Ginn, Jr, just to name two of many). As a freshman, he dominated going up against the varsity in practice. As a sophomore, he is starting at OT. He could project as a DT in college. A rare freshman invitee to the U.S. Army Combine in San Antonio, he showed a quick burst off the ball playing defense in pass rushing drills. He was possibly the largest player at the combine as a freshman! Moves exceptionally well for a big man and will be one of the nation's most highly recruited prospects by the time he's a senior.

Gabe Helmuth LB/QB 6'1 185 Saline Michigan

Gabe is one of only two sophomores on the Saline roster and projects to be a D-1 prospect at LB in a couple of years. He has great bloodlines. He is the younger brother of Michigan verbal Vince Helmuth (fullback) and half-brother of NFL TE Chris Baker. Like his two older brothers, Gabe is an outstanding athlete with fine quickness and strength for his size. He also plays basketball and as a freshman was one of the top young discus throwers in the state. Should emerge as one of the better prospects in Michigan.

Nick Llaca DB/WR 5'11 180 Los Angeles Loyola California

Impressive sophomore starter at Loyola. Talented DB prospect who also plays WR (11 receptions for 90 yards through 8 games). Moved to Los Angeles from Miami. Tough and hard-hitting DB who has a nose for the ball and quick feet. Defense is his future and he is one of the better young prospects in Los Angeles.


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