Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Class of 2009 Watch

Brock Osweiler QB/TE/ATH 6'8 240 Kalispell Flathead Montana Gonzaga (Basketball)

Brock is a versatile athlete who has already committed to play basketball at Gonzaga. He is considered to be one of the nation's top hoop prospects in the Class of '09, but he is also an outstanding prep QB. As a freshman, he completed 21-of-49 passes for 600 yards. As a sophomore, he led Class AA (state's largest classification) in passing (240.9) and total yards (245.6). He has a bazooka for an arm and as a freshman was effortlessly tossing the ball 50-55 yards downfield. He has drawn comparisons to Adam Morrison as a hoopster and will probably stick to that sport in college. If he was to play football, he would be one of the nation's top overall QB/Athletes, with the potential of starring at QB, TE, OT or DE at the next level. One of the top athletes to emerge out of Montana in recent history.

Tyler Houska LB 6'3 210 Medina Highland Ohio

Houska is one of the top young linebackers in the midwest. He has a great frame that will fill out as he has kept his weight down to wrestle (he starred as a frosh wrestling at 189 pounds). He's tough and aggressive, with a real nose for the ball. He uses leverage well and can get from sideline-to-sideline. As a sophomore, he was named First Team All-Northeast Inland District-Division III.

Kenny Allen DB/RB 5'10 170 Tampa Chamberlain Florida

Allen has emerged as one of the top sophomores on Florida's Gulf Coast, showing off his skills both in the secondary and at RB. Last week he ran for an impressive 211 yards against a strong Land O' Lakes team. As a freshman, he was named Honorable Mention All-Hillsborough County by the Tampa Tribune as a DB. Very quick, has great hips and excellent ball skills.

Craig Drummond DL/LB 6'5 225 Chicago Morgan Park Illinois

Drummond is a tall and rangy DE/OLB for a program that has produced quite a bit of Division I talent in recent years. He has a great frame, runs very well and is quite athletic. Already looks like a senior. Very impressive during the 2006 combine circuit. Should emerge as one of the Chicago area's top overall prospects.

Tui Crichton OL 6'3 285 Provo Timpview Utah

Crichton was a rare freshman starter for Timpview and has followed that up with an outstanding sophomore campaign. Plays on a talent-laden OL with a couple of upperclassmen whom are D-I prospects, but at the end of the day he could develop into the best of the bunch. He has nice size, excellent strengh and is fast enough to pull.

Derrick Buchanan TE/LB 6'4 204 Carlsbad San Diego Army-Navy Academy California

Buchanan has a great frame with a lot of room to fill out. He was a freshman starter at DE for Army-Navy and is also starting at TE as a sophomore. Runs very well and is very athletic. He also started at forward as a freshman on the basketball team. Once he gets stronger he will become one of the San Diego area's top prospects.

Beau Blankenship RB 5'9 200 Norman North Oklahoma

Through mid-November Blankenship had helped lead North to a 6-5 record and rushed for 1,514 yards and 16 touchdowns. North beat crosstown rival Norman High for the first time in history, thanks to Blankenship and some other very talented sophomores. He runs low to the ground and with a nice combination of power and speed. He looked very good on the 2006 combine circuit.

Jerquari Schofield OL 6'3 240 South Aiken South Carolina

Schofield is a quick and explosive offensive tackle who possesses great athleticism. He plays well with leverage and really moves quickly off the snap. He should add about 40-50 pounds by the time he enters college. A potential blue-chipper.


At 6:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff Poe LB Northwest High Wichita
All League Backer in same League as
Arthur Brown #1 LB of 2008 commit to Miami.makes plays all over the field ,plus 4.0 GPA and team Captain.At 6'0 215 will make a impact at next level.

At 10:52 AM, Blogger Great 1 said...

I saw Poe at FBU Combine in Denver.He plays and is friends with #1(RB)Bryce Brown (Miami).
He looked at bigger then 215.
He was throwing lineman around like rag dolls,probably the strongest High School linebacker
I have seen in a while .
Jayden Bird (Oklahoma),
Tom Wort (Oklahoma) and Jeff Poe were by far the best 3 as far as speed and power that I saw.

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